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Vitamin C chewables while pregnant

I'm 5 weeks 4 days pregnant and I'm getting a cold. I typically would take the chewable vitamin C pills and that would help shorten the length and intensity but the bottle says not to use while pregnant. There's only so many spoons of honey I can swallow or cough drops to suck on. Any medicines that are safe for pregnant women I can take? I'm being cautious because I had some heavy bleeding last weekend and now I'm on progesterone, baby aspirin, and ligh dose folic acid. I want to make sure I don't really tempt fate.

Re: Vitamin C chewables while pregnant

  • Tynelol, some cough meds, Vicks Vapor rub, and increase your fluids.
  • What did your doctor say?? 

    OP I'm trying to give you the benefit of the doubt but this is not your personal google- given your recent situation I would hope you would be having much more contact with your actual doctor or at least the nurses at your OB office.  Not trying to be rude here but you should probably consider participating more in threads other than those you create so that you can also be contributing to this community.  Additionally, the search feature may help you with a lot of your questions since many, especially in first tri, are often wondered about and asked.  Hope you feel better soon. 
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  • Thank you and I have looked at other treads but nothing about the chewable vitamin C. I was just looking to see what success other early pregnancies have had with cold remedies.
  • There isn't much you can do in the first trimester for a cold. Most helpful meds are major no-no's that that point. You should stay away from excess vitamin c because it can cause miscarriage when taken in high doses.
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  • Thank you, that's what I was afraid of so I'm not going to take it. I'll stick with the halls unless my doctor says otherwise next week.
  • What @themisssarahk said. Those chewable vitamins are pretty much garbage anyways. Your body needs vitamins from a whole food source, not synthetic. Your body cannot absorb synthetic vitamins easily. The best remedy for you right now is lots of rest, fluids, and healthy food. I would make sure you are taking a high quality raw prenatal as that will have Vitamin C in it. 
  • There are plenty of safe OTC medications availble - start with your doctor to check but Tylenol, Sudafed, Robitussin, saline sprays, etc. are all okay.
  • Also, taking Vitamin C after being sick is a waste. There is been tons of studies that confirm that Vit C does not change a cold's duration or intensity.
  • Thanks ladies, I unfortunately lost my pregnancy but these are all things I'll definitely keep in mind for next time.
  • Thanks ladies, I unfortunately lost my pregnancy but these are all things I'll definitely keep in mind for next time.

    I am very sorry to hear about your loss.
  • I'm sorry for your loss.
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    Honestly, from my experience being pregnant and not being pregnant, the best thing for a cold is to get adequate sleep and water. Especially sleep.

    Edit: Because I didn't finish reading the responses to your post. I'm sorry for your loss.
  • So sorry for your loss! Wishing you best of luck!
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