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Cramping constantly at 12 weeks

Hey everyone, I'm 12 weeks pregnant today and ever since about 6 weeks I've been crampy on and off but yesterday I had cramping constantly all day and then last night it was pretty bad.. I figured I just needed to rest but this morning I'm still cramping, it's not severe but it's pretty bad. I'm on vacation and my doctors office is closed but I have a Doppler and the baby's heartbeat is good! I'm not sure if I should stop by the hospital? It's cramps right in the center of my lower abdomen and lower back pain..

Re: Cramping constantly at 12 weeks

  • This is my second pregnancy
  • Call your provider, they still have an on call provider.

    No need to go to the hospital, all they will do is refer you to your provider.
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  • I'd call your dr & do what they say,,, the heartbeat should be a good sign but the lower back cramps sound unusual to me,, I do remember having uterine cramps as the baby is stretching out the uterus but my first pregnancy was 6 years ago and I don't remember for sure when I felt it stronger.
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    My OB office sends out pamphlets of things to worry/ not worry about- cramping being one of them when its without bleeding, so....  I'm assuming no bleeding for you? And baby has a heartbeat so, in my non-doctor opinion I would guess your ute is just busy growing and that can definitely be uncomfortable.  You could maybe be dehydrated, so if able, drink some water and get your feet up (that's what I was advised when I had spotting my 1st pregnancy) and maybe that would help.  Also, it could maybe be round ligament pain from the stretching too.  Unfortunately to my knowledge, not a whole lot you can do for that part aside from maybe a pain reliever. 

    ETA:  Do you know the position of your ute?  Mine is anteverted meaning it tilts backward, my doctor said this will cause me to have more lower back pain because as it grows it pushes more in that area.  
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