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Twins & a 4 yr old?

Hi everyone I'm posting on here because I'm 15 wks pregnant with twins and have a 4yr old. My daughter is already extremely jealous and I'm so scared how she's going to deal with this when they are actually here. I had my stillborn son in April so I think maybe she's just worried because of what happened with her brother so she's acting out? I really don't know but would love some advice from other moms? Like I wanna know everything! How much life changes? What to expect with kids marriage and everything with the experience of twins?! Also now that I'm 15wks is it safe to stop worrying about vanashing twin syndrome?

Re: Twins & a 4 yr old?

  • I don't know much about vanishing twin syndrome, but it would be my guess that you're past that.
    As for how things change, I can say that: everything changes- a lot! But you probably already guessed that. 
    You will feel like you're just in survival mode at first, and really, you will be. I pretty much felt like I did nothing but nurse and/ or pump for the first few weeks. 24 hours a day. But, you'll also amaze yourself, at how you will be able to cope and to adapt. It's pretty incredible what we can accomplish when we simply "have to". 
    My daughter was 3 when her brothers came home. One thing that helped was that, as soon as they came through the door, they had a special present with them- just for her ; ) "They" gave her a kid's camera, that she could then use to take photos of them! I also talked a lot about how much they loved her, an how glad they were to have her as a sister. She actually adjusted really well.
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