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Should I be worried about pink spotting?

I thought I miscarried Sunday but I found out my HCG is rising and so my doctor started me on progesterone, baby aspirin, and extra folic acid yesterday.  I've had some light spotting on and off since Sunday but no cramping since Sunday evening.  Should I be worried about the spotting?

Re: Should I be worried about pink spotting?

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    Is your progesterone vaginal ?
    When I used progesterone during my first pregnancy it made be spot a bit but mine was 200 mg 3 times daily vaginally.
    I think my progesterone was 16 at the time they prescribed it.

    No cramping and no clotting is a good thing and honestly there isn't anything you can do about it even if you do start to cramp or bleed.
    Try to not worry
  • I spotted the first week or so of my first pregnancy (5 years ago) and it freaked me out. I called the on call doctor in the middle of the night and took a day off of work. Apparently it's pretty normal, though. Unless you have painful cramping and bright red blood, you can probably relax a bit. :)
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  • I've been working on relaxing since the doctor called but the holidays are making it difficult lol. I'm on 400mg pills once a day.

    Now that I know my HCG was going up and I'm feeling pregnant again I'm feeling better. I think that when I thought I was miscarrying on Sunday I made myself stop feeling the pregnancy symptoms I had been feeling the week before. My cramping and bleeding was no more than a normal period but, for how early I was in the pregnancy, I thought for sure it was a miscarriage since I recently had one in early November. Turns out it wasn't, now just to hope our rainbow baby holds on for us ❤️
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