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Very concerned with blood spots in LOs diaper

For the last 3 weeks we have seen tiny blood spots in our 17 week old poopy diapers.  I've been to the pediatrician and he thinks it's a milk allergy so I have stopped all dairy and it's been one week but I'm still seeing tiny blood spots and I'm not sure it's an allergy since this is the only symptom (I've read that milk allergy babies typically have other symptoms such as uncontrolled crying for hours at a time, red rashes, committing, etc.).  Has anyone else had this issue and if so what was the outcome?

Re: Very concerned with blood spots in LOs diaper

  • Is the poop a soft consistency?
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  • Go back to the pedi and let him know your LOs progress. I hope it gets cleared up soon!

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  • I had the same issue with my son. He didn't have any other symptoms just the blood. At first it was just a little then started noticing in every diaper. My ped also said try cutting out dairy. It can take a couple weeks.
    I think about 2 weeks is when it completed cleared up.
    Let me also just say it is hard to cut out diary!! Dairy is in everything! Good luck Hun!
  • I had this as well. It was just yogurt causing the blood for us. I am still able to have other dairy products and not affect my LO.
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