3rd Trimester

2nd cervix sweep

Got my membrane sweep yesterday and no bleeding
I'm 4cm dilated and 80% efface
I'll be 40 weeks pregnant tomorrow on Christmas Eve
My dr schedule for me to be induce on Monday 530am 28th
I hope I have the baby before then
I'm very uncomfortable like I have 9lbs bowling bowl on my cervix

Having 2nd cervix sweep, what's the success rate?

Re: 2nd cervix sweep

  • With my first child, I had it done at 39 weeks and went into labor a couple days later. With my second, I had it done at 38 then again at 39 and went into labor the next day. My OB didn't seem to think it meant much but I think she did it to amuse me. It may or may not have moved things along. Who knows? Best of luck to you!

  • Second sweet with DS2 worked the next day.  But I stalled while at the hospital.
    DS1 - 9/21/11
    DS2 - 7/4/14
    DS3 - 2/21/16
    Our family of 5 is complete!!  Love our boys!

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  • Having a 2nd sweep didn't help me at all.
  • I had a sweep at 41 weeks and went into labor the next day. I literally tried every other thing (besides castor oil) in the week before that to start labor.
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