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Strep C

I have had a very bad sore throat that has only gotten worse and spread to other parts of my body. First it was a running nose, then scratchy throat, then it moved to my chest, then it went to my eyes, and now it's going into my left ear. I just got a call from the PCP telling me that the culture that was done in the ER from the throat swab came back as positive for Strep C. Has any of you dealt with this? Did it pass to your baby? I was prescribed amoxcilline 500mg...

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    I've never heard of this passing to the fetus unless you test positive in vaginal fluids and it goes untreated
    Strep can be A B or C and the modt common ( that I've seen in the office ) is strep A or B in the throat. Amoxicillin is safe during pregnancy
  • Strep bacteria in your vagina is totally different than strep in your throat. Amoxocillin is safe, and you won't infect your baby. They will test your vagina for strep B at 36 weeks and can treat with antibiotics during labor if you have it.
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