Bleeding after c section.

Hi. I had a c- section on 11/20/15. I had quite a bit of bleeding right after I was in recovery that they were worried about, but after I was in my room they came to check me and said everything looked fine, and it wasn't a large amount of blood at all.
I bled for about 3 weeks until it taperd off into a brown discharge and then quit.
I have been feeling great after the surgery lately and decided yesterday to clean the house and do a few loads of laundry.
I went to the bathroom and noticed I had a small amount of bright red blood mixed with some brown. I didn't think anything of it. Then today I went to the bathroom and noticed that I had quite a bit of bright red blood again. Is it normal to start bleeding after I've stopped for about a week?
I'm not in any serious pain and no cramping so I wouldn't think it would be my period returning just yet. Thanks in advance!

Re: Bleeding after c section.

  • My bleeding cycle was similar to yours. 3 weeks, nothing, then off and on for about 6 weeks (mostly off though!). Everyone has a different version of a lot of blood but if you're soaking through pads in an hour or two I'd call your OB. If you're feeling great otherwise check in with your doctor at your LOs next appointment.
  • it sounds like you might have pushed it too hard with the cleaning.  be patient with yourself and take a step back and get some rest.  The extra bleeding might just be your body telling you to slow down.  But of course if you start filling up pads or passing clots, call your OB or just go to the ER.
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  • I agree, you probably did too much cleaning and doing laundry. 
  • I agree that you probably just did too much. I actually bled/spotted for 6+ weeks after my C-section four years ago (no complications or anything, it just would not stop), right into what I'm pretty sure ended up being my first pp period (I only breastfed a little...my milk never really came in much). I attribute the long period of bleeding/spotting to doing too much. It's hard to take it easy when you're home on your own with twins after less than two weeks!
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