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Breakthrough Bleeding

I'm 10 weeks postpartum and am having period-like bleeding for probably the fourth or fifth time today. I called my doctor the first time it happened to check if it was normal to have a cycle again (I'm EBF and on progesterone only birth control) and she said yes. So the first time I bled for five days and assumed it was my period. About two weeks later, had bleeding again for three days. Called again because it seemed odd to have another cycle so soon, and the nurse I spoke with told me it's totally normal and referred to it as "breakthrough" bleeding. She said it will happen for the first three birth control packs and could last anywhere from one day to one week and could be as light as spotting or as heavy as a regular period. Is anyone else experiencing this? Since the second episode of bleeding for three days I've had a day or two of bleeding (moderate flow) here and there. I just don't know if there's any concern to worry. My OB's office (two different nurses) have told me nothing sounds concerning, but it just seems so weird (and is pretty annoying) to bleed so inconsistently. Any input would be appreciated!

Re: Breakthrough Bleeding

  • After I posted I decided to Google it and found this. Maybe it is normal after all. Would still like to hear from others who have had a similar experience though, as it still seems odd to me. Lol
  • I was on the mini pill before I became pregnant. I bleed every day for months and then I got pregnant when I came off of it and was waiting to get a skyla. My ob said I don't respond well to it, and I can't take estrogen. I got an iud two weeks ago because she Thought that it would be less likely to cause bleeding.... I've been bleeding for two weeks. She asked me to give it three months to level out and said it's much less likely to last with the iud.
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  • My doctor also told me while going back on the pill I would have "funky" bleeding for the first 3 packs as well, so we are in the same boat.
  • I'm in the exact same situation except with this period I just can't seem to stop bleeding...
  • Is there supposed to be some bleeding while on the progesterone only pill? I'm just about 12 weeks post partum and haven't had any sort of period yet.
  • I was warned I could have break through bleeding after starting bc.
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