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4.5 mg of prevacid?

Is anyones LO on prevacid? We started prevacid last week but he was only prescribed 4.5 mg or 1.5ml once a day and it is compounded. It was working well until a few nights ago. I called the doctor about the dose because he is not sleeping but he said he will not adjust it for a few weeks. I made an appointment with a pediatric GI but was not able to get an appointment for a few weeks. From what i have been researching 4.5 mg is a very small dose for a 13lb 4 ounce baby.

Re: 4.5 mg of prevacid?

  • It is a very small dose. Our pediatrician wouldn't increase it above 1 ml 2x a day but when we went to see the pediatric GI he increased it to 2.5 ml 2x a day which has made a huge difference. He said most pediatricians won't go over 1.5 ml.
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