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12/21 PGAL Check-In


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    Hugs @mrsmommya. It is good that there is no cramping, and your next appointment is so close! But I agree with @BostonBaby1 - you can always call!
    me 30; DH 35
    TTC since May 2014.
    Aug 2014 BFP, EDD April 22, 2015. Low progesterone, started suppositories. Loss at 5w6d.
    Nov 19, 2015 BFP at 13 dpo, EDD July 29, 2016. MMC discovered 12/29 (9+4). Natural miscarriage 1/16 (12+1).
    AMH results 0.42, 1.2; FSH 12.1, AFC 10, dx DOR. 
    RPL testing results normal. Nurse recommended progesterone suppositories in TWW.
    Clomid + trigger + TI cycle August 2016 - failed. Thin lining.
    Femara + trigger + TI cycle December 2016 - failed. Thin lining.
    Short LP (8 days).
    Acupuncture & Chinese herbs starting January 2017, lengthened LP to 10 days 

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    @mrsmommya I hope you are doing alright! It is good there are no cramps and really unfortunate that it is similar to your past experience. I agree with the other posters about calling your doctor, I probably would for the piece of mind. Maybe you can get in this week instead of next.
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    Hi everyone,
    First post! :) I am joining the party late, but reading your pgal comments has really helped my anxiety. I love the support on this board!
    I had a loss (9 wks) over the summer and we were lucky to get pregnant again in October, which puts me at 12 weeks today. I always thought that by this point my nerves would be calmed down...boy was I wrong about that :) when will it end?!
    I have an OB appointment tomorrow afternoon so today/tmrw will be tough. My (almost-nonexistent) symptoms have lightened over the past 2 weeks, which I know is normal, but so scary too...I'm also not showing AT ALL. Also totally normal. Aarrgghh...maybe I will feel better once I can feel the baby in there :) so only like 2 months to go haha!
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    Not really an update, but some new info I gathered...

    I had planned to tell my bosses about the pregnancy, but much like everyone else, they're being put on hold until we know more from the CVS testing. My receptionist knows about the pregnancy and I felt comfortable telling her about the Thursday update. Especially since I'm a terrible liar and her first question was how did everything go! Anyway I told her the story and said even though I'm not WORRIED about anything being terribly wrong we'd just prefer to wait until we have all the details clarified. She didn't look a bit shocked or scared about my story and said she had a friend with the same test scare!! Sure enough, baby was fine. I guess 2.5% chance of a chromosome defect isn't anything to lose sleep about. It's annoying that doctors put so much emphasis on it though.
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    Thanks everyone...of course the spotting was just that isolated incident.  I am sure from the pressure during the bowel movement.  The discharge the next day had a tan tinge to it.  There has been nothing else to worry me, but I can't shake this horrible feeling.  I overall feel confident in this pregnancy, but being the week I lost my last baby, it is hard to feel calm.  I did buy a doppler but am holding out to use it until as late as I can before my appt.  I just can't imagine a missed miscarriage happening the same time twice in a row....I am hoping my intuition is correct and we find out next Tuesday everything is fine.
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    Are you on progesterone? My numbers started out great, so Doctor didn't supplement. Had a few incidents of spotting--one also with bowel movement. So hard not to freak out!
    Rechecked levels at 8 weeks and progesterone had dropped in half. Started oral progesterone and no spotting since (and have since stopped taking).
    Sending good thoughts your way for your next appointment!
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    @kja2011 They were checked in the beginning and all was fine. After the viability scan they said they don't normally draw anymore. So that was 2 weeks ago. I am 9+2 now.
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    I know every situation and every pregnancy is different. I had 2 normal ultrasounds before progesterone were rechecked. I'm not exactly sure my doctor's reasoning but I'm appreciative of her being proactive and the extra checks.
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    Status Update: 12 weeks today!! Woohoo!

    Appointments/milestones/what's up next? etc: next appointment is Jan 8th but I may try and get in sooner depending on how this phone call goes.

    Pretty sure I felt the baby move, it was the strangest sensation I've ever felt, I can only describe it as butterfly wings or like when your eyelid muscle spasms all crazy. When I described it to my cousin she said that's what it felt like for her too when her daughter moved for the first time.

    Rants/Raves/Symptoms: ugh it feels like I only come here when I'm freaking out and need reassurance. Just had some bright red blood on the tp when I wiped. It was just a tiny bit, I mean a pinprick and a little streak when I wiped again to see if there was more. It's the second time it happened, the first time was about a week ago, but again it was a dot like the head of a needle. I thought maybe I had just scratched myself or something similar. I'm having a tiny bit of pain but it doesn't feel like cramping, more like the sharp shooting uterus growing pains that I'm used to. It's not intense at all and seems to come and go. The only reason I worry is that it's only on my right side, which is where the baby is. Is this worthy of a phone call to the doctor or am I just freaking out needlessly?
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