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Silent Reflux??

Anyone deal with it??
Damien has been such a different baby in the last few weeks. He used to sleep well and eat and nap during the day with normal fussy periods. But the last week or two he has been incredibly cranky. The last week has been the worst, even worse than brand new baby first few days home.
He cries almost all the time. A quiet time of more than 10 minutes is lucky. He will be happy for the first hour of the day if I'm lucky. after that he is constantly crying. You can tell there is something wrong but nothing seems to work. Sometimes bouncing him will help, sometimes white noise, sometimes rocking, sometimes nothing. We use gas drops when he seems really gassy but they don't typically seem to do anything. He always swallows hard when he nurses as if he's guzzling and when he isn't eating we hear his swallow a good amount of the time. And when he does swallow it sounds like a hard swallow. He doesn't spit up a lot but does a little bit. He has also been fighting to eat a lot. Just screaming at my nipple while its in his mouth. Sometimes I can squirt milk into his mouth and he'll eat other times I have to stop and try to soothe him and try again.

Sorry this is all over the place I'm just trying to figure out what's wrong other than a wonder week/growth spurt since this is far worse than he's ever been. He has an appointment tomorrow for his two month check up so I'm definitely going to bring it up.

Re: Silent Reflux??

  • What did the dr say? It sounds like a breastfeeding issue.
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  • Baby'smom said:

    What did the dr say? It sounds like a breastfeeding issue.

    We go in less than 12 hours to the pediatrician and we'll get his opinion then and I'll update
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  • Oh. I should have looked the time!!

    I'm guessing bf-although I've never bf- because I've heard others say if you let down too fast it can cause gulping.

    We had a silent reflux baby & he spit up little bits OFTEN. Think every 10 min. Dr wouldn't do anything to treat it. I should have got a 2nd opinion because it most certainly was sr.
  • My LO Started December like that, we took her to the doctor and they said silent reflux and gave her liquid Zantac. After three weeks she's finally back to herself again! I hope you get it all sorted out, I know how hard a crying back can be, especially after hours of it
  • Doctor agrees that it seems like he has silent reflux, but they don't medicate this young with his symptoms. He also believes he is constipated since even though he's in the normal range of no poop for a breastfed baby he is much longer than his normal so we're doing miralax in a bottle of breastmilk to try to fix that issue as well. He thinks once the constipation is gone it will help him deal with the reflux better
  • Pooping will help reflux. Hope it resolves quickly.
  • @baby'smom thank you! He had two good poops last night and it definitely seemed to help him! Today will hopefully show changes
  • Just hang in there, momma. Sounds like you're doing a fantastic job, hopefully he starts feeling better.
    Baby number 1 on the way!
  • @KatieSetler thank you!! This morning he was like a different baby. He played on his mat so I could shower quickly this morning and he pooped again this morning. He is cranky and swallowing a bit but nothing like he was. My mom had him for 2-2.5 hours while I was at a holiday event for my daughters class and he drank a bottle without fussing and took an hour+ nap before becoming cranky. Hopefully he's back to himself at least a little for me
  • Hey, I know this is super late and maybe the problem resolved itself by now. My baby had a similar issue and yes it is silent reflux. What helped us out a lot was doing deep latching (see you tube videos) basically shoving as much of your areola in babys mouth and nursing laying down at an incline (prop baby with a small pillow). This helped baby gulp down alot less air and thus less fussy,better bowel movements. 
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