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What is your typical 12 week old schedule?

I just realized this is what we have been following, of course it can vary some days depending on how long he sleeps, how well he nurses, ect. 

He also typically takes 2 somewhat long naps a day (1 hour to 2.5 hours)  should he be taking more frequent but shorter ones?  Here is my schedul

:7-8:30am: wake up and nurse, then he is super happy! We smile at each other after he eats for a bit and he talks all kinds of baby babbles to me 

Around 9am: go downstairs so I can have some breakfast, Eli goes in th bouncer or under the activity gym, I sit and eat my breakfast and play with him

10am: nurse again and then I get us both dressed for the day (this is when he is sleepy afterwards and it is my window to run errands) 

Around 11am: out to grocery shop or run whatever errands need to be done, Eli typically falls asleep in the car 

12:30/1:00: return from errands and he might sleep longer at home, but typically will wake up and then nurse 

2:00: if I haven't eaten lunch I try to make myself something. Carry Eli around and clean a little, he might have more bouncer or activity gym time, or we do tummy time in the nursery 

3:00/4:00 he will want to eat again and can start getting cranky around this time, after he eats I will cuddle him and pat his back until he falls asleep then I will try to transfer him to the crib

5:00/5:30 he wakes up and eats again, Paul and I have dinner when he gets home 

6:00: Eli spends time with dad, we all hang out for a little bit 

7:30/8 bath time , and then nurse afterwards 

8:30/9 bedtime 

10/11pm: I pump and typically get a decent amount of milk 

1/2am: wake up to nurse 

4/5am: wake up to nurse 

And then repeat! 

It can vary for sure, sometimes things are earlier or later. He can also go 6 hour stretches some nights. And it seems like he nurses 8 times a day. 

Re: What is your typical 12 week old schedule?

  • Pretty typical of our schedule.
    Wake 7 eat.
    8-8:30 start a nap.
    9 eat
    Play tummy time
    10-10:30 start a nap.
    11 eat & play tummy time
    12-12:30 start nap.
    1 eat still sleep usually goes back to sleep.

    3 eat sometimes still sleepy & goes back to sleep.

    5 eat play
    7 eat play

    Sometimes eat at 9. Sometimes sleeping.

    Wakes at 4 am eat.

    We use formula. Also our is 8 weeks adjusted preemie.

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  • Every baby is different and i don' think it really matters as long as baby is growing and content.

    our routine is a bit different to yours.

    he wakes at 6, and nurses every 3 hours ish. he''s normally awake for 1 1/2 hours then sleeps until his next feed.
    except in the evening when he has a shorter nap.
    so a typical day is:
    6am wake and nurse
    7.30 am nap
    9am nurse
    10.30am nap
    12pm nurse
    130pm nap
    3pm nurse
    4.30 pm nap
    6pm  nurse
    7.30 pm nap around 45mins
    9pm nurse
    10pm down for the night, and sleeps through till 6am 

    All of this is very approximate. Sometimes he sleeps longer or shorter, and sometimes he goes shorter or longer between feeds. But essentially he has a breakfast/ morning tea/ lunch/ aftenoon tea/ dinner/ supper and a nap between them all, and during his awake times we play, do jobs "together" have a bath etc etc.
    Also my baby is 11 weeks, so slightly younger.
    Elizabeth 5yrs old Jane 3yrs old

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  • Are you concerned about the schedule or just curious? Sounds fine to me!
  • Are you concerned about the schedule or just curious? Sounds fine to me!
    Just curious. Some people told me he was awake for too long of periods of time. He doesn't take shorter naps at night, they are actually longer. He sometimes will do a stretch from 7-12am.
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