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Really DH??! So annoyed

I don't understand men. Im so irritated with dh right now. And honestly he was trying to do something nice.
It never fails dinner time is LO fussy time, no matter when it is. So my mom was holding her and just as i sat to eat she started screaming..so i took her and got her quiet in literally 3 mins. So i sit to eat tacos one handed...no problem.
DH says give her to me and eat. The second i hand her over she starts and he wont give her back. Fine..try to cslm her. But instead of listening to me and doing the one thing that works everytime he tries to force her bottle and mimics her screams.
Yea great awesome way for me to enjoy my dinner. So i tske her back..he like shoves her at me..now he has a severe attitude and i want to poke his eye out.
If he had of just listened we both could have enjoyed the meal together.
Grrrrrrr....i get he needs to find his own ways but find them when i say hey can you hold her so i can get some chores done instead of saying no and taking a nap.

Okay. End vent! Love him for trying, but it backfired big time now he's butthurt.

Re: Really DH??! So annoyed

  • I hear ya! Love DH to death but every time he does something for the baby - feeds him, changes him etc. he expects 100 compliments and praise. Um, okay, good job- you took care of him for an hour. Do that for the next two months and we'lol call it even!
  • Seriously! I think in this case he was more embarassed he couldnt calm her quick. And i felt bad. But dont get mad at me!
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  • Ugh... I've got to be honest- I'm a little jealous your DH even offered to take her! Using your vent for mine haha... I'm not a violent person at all but seriously my DH makes me want to slap him silly. I knew having a child would be very new for him and he'd have a lot to learn, but I seriously never imagined how selfish of a person he was until now. As I sit here and type this I am listening to him snoring away. I've woke him 3 times in the last half hour politely asking if he could just sit on the couch with Our LO so I could take a shower for the first time in three days bc I need to go into work in two hours to drop off donations (still on maternity leave). Sure enough he is still passed out. He went to bed at around 11 so he's had a solid 8 hours.

    Last night I asked him if he would change her diaper so I could use the bathroom before feeding her- he flat out refused. Said he was "too tired" from a "long day" at work (he's a sales rep"...).

    I'm so worried about going back to work next month- he has nooooo clue what it's like to care for her full time and I'm really worried about my LO having to spend two full days a week with such a selfish man. He hasn't learned how to soothe her (similar to what you experienced) and always just says "she's starving" and insists he should feed her (he calls or texts if I leave to run an errand usually within 1 hour, he's never spent more than 2 hours alone with her and during those 2 hours has ALWAYS called or texted bc she was hysterical and he didn't know what to do).

    Sorry for the vent... Needed to get it out and felt like your vent helped lead the way! Lol
  • My so is this person but we really talked about it and he said me trying to instruct him and always taking the baby back doesn't allow him to figure it out on his own if he's offering to take the baby then just let him and he will figure it out or hand the baby back. He doesn't spend as much time with her cant expect him to be pro. And as for the sleep
    thing my so works and I do not. He sleeps a lot more than I do, but he works hard remember that even though your tired he may very well be too. Sir him down and talk to him and try showering during an hour he is awake to start with so you won't have to battle the sleep.
  • Gee i feel extremely lucky! My partner takes baby regularly.
    He watches him so i can go ride my horse for 'me' time, helps with dinner, takes him while i shower, takes him for walks, gives bottles, bathes etc.
    He doesn't even need to be asked...shouldn't have to. .
  • Ok ladies I'm sorry but seriously did your DHs think this was just a pump and run situation? My DH and I discussed our expectations before we decided to have a baby. Currently DH is in the middle of his Masters, works full time, and has an internship. When he comes home he will take DD so I can get a few personal things done that I can't do with her in my arms. If he's up doing homework then she's down there in her chair with him so I can get some sleep. My house isn't perfect but the kids are happy, I'm happy, and he's happy. Money might be tight but we wouldn't have it any other way. Maybe you need to sit your husbands down and tell them to pull up their big girl panties and start being an active participant in their lo's development bc later is to late. Vent over.
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