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Worried about exercise causing miscarriage

I had an early miscarriage/chemical pregnancy at 3 weeks a couple of months ago. I am now 5.5 weeks pregnant and am worried any type of exercise will cause the baby to "jiggle out". I know this is silly, but does anyone have any advice since I am an avid exerciser and love to run, elliptical and lift. I don't want to hurt the baby with my prior history but I want to stay healthy!

Re: Worried about exercise causing miscarriage

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    Conventional wisdom is that if you did it before pregnancy, you can continue to do it. That being said, I pulled back a bit on HIIT and other incredibly intense exercise. This isn't a time to challenge yourself athletically, but to maintain. I would call your doc/midwife if you're really worried.
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    I agree with srv2483. If the only type of exercise you did before getting pregnant was walking around the block a couple times, then don't try anything intensive. Do what your body / you are used to doing before becoming pregnant.
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    Just saw someone else asking about this same thing! But exercising is actually going to be one of the best things you can do for the little one! And for you- labor is so hard so you want your body to be in shape. Most exercise (other than anything with the potential for contact to the belly, like basketball or other contact sports) is still fair game during first tri. Resistance training and some cardio are both great :) Your fear is sooo understandable! But as long as you listen to your body you and the baby are both safe.
    Some good resistance training exercises are:

    Overhead presses, lateral raises, bent over row- helps strengthen the upper back and shoulders to support the belly weight that might make you round your upper body. This will be great for pregnancy AND postpartum when you are holding baby a lot :)

    Reverse ab holds (with pillows to support), side crunches, and standing ab exercises: these strengthen your low back (which causes many women a lot of pain during pregnancy). Just make sure you are comfortable and modify with pillows so not flat on your back. Be careful with twisting exercises because it can strain the round ligament muscles on the sides of your uterus.

    Squats :)Strengthen thighs and glutes and also your pelvic floor (which is what you will use most to push during labor!)

    And Bicep curls and tricep kickbacks are great moves to keep your arms strong for when you will be carrying a baby around all day after the little one is born!

    Try this one :)

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    There is little/no evidence to support the idea that exercise of any intensity is bad for your baby. In fact, there is a growing body of evidence to support the idea that exercise improves outcomes for your pregnancy, and reduces negative pregnancy symptoms. I would continue doing the exercise you love as long as it is comfortable for you! 
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    The conventional wisdom is that if you were active before your pregnancy you're clear to keep exercising at pretty much the same level (within reason of course). Just listen to your body and don't overexert yourself!
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    No. There is no evidence that exercise causes miscarriage. It is safer to exercise if your pregnancy is uncomplicated than not. A growing body of research is showing that exercise can help you have a healthier pregnancy and reduce its unpleasant side effects. Discuss your specific risks and concerns with your doctor before choosing any exercise program.
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