34 weeker with RSV

My son, now 7 months, born at 34 weeks with a 2 week NICU stay for his lungs has RSV + bronchiolitis. We were sent home with a nebulizer we use with him every 4-6 hours and he got steroids at the doctor. I feel so guilty since he is in childcare part time while I work. I'm debating dropping work to stay at home with him the rest of RSV season in hopes this won't happen again (he was sick with stomach flu and upper respiratory infection a month ago that had us in and out of the ER too). Has anyone else had a late preterm baby get sick a lot that first year? It's tough when they no longer look like a premie but still have that catching up to do inside (i.e. Lungs)!

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  • Was he not getting the rsv vaccine?
  • No since he wasn't a micro premie and our pediatrician never mentioned it. I want to talk with her about that tomorrow at his appointment.
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  • I had a 34 week old preemie too on the 16th of this month.  I was also told by the NICU Dr. that even though he was born preemie he wasn't preemie enough to get the RSV vaccine.  I believe any baby born at 32 weeks or prior receives it.  I was informed that I could be apart of a study at one of the Children's Hospitals for the vaccine but was not guaranteed that he would be 2 of the 3 in every trial to actually get it.  1 out of 3 gets a placebo. After spending 9 days in NICU and my 6 day hospital stay between labor and discharge, I was through with hospital visits and was just told to limit his contact with family and friends and to def. make sure he stays away from small children. Also to try and find out if people who are in contact with him have had their flu shot and/or whooping cough vaccine. 
  • I had my son at 31 weeks he spent 6 weeks in the nicu. Because the rsv vaccine is so expensive (almost 1500 a dose) we had to enter some program with my insurance company to see if he even qualified. Because he was less than 2.5 lbs at birth, spent time on a ventilator, and was earlier than 32 weeks our dr thought he might qualify. He didn't because he wasn't "preemie" enough. However about a week and a half after he was discharged from the nicu he was re-admitted to the hospital with what looked like the start of an upper respritory infection picked up from our dr. Office. We resubmitted the request for the vaccine and suddenly he qualified for all 4 doses. I urge you to ask your dr and or insurance company about it!
  • We just had our 36 weeker get RSV at 4 mos. I'm so frustrated by the "vaccine" allowance.
  • Thank you everyone for the reassurance! We got through those hellish 2 weeks and are switching pediatricians after his next well baby check up. She tried to tell me that there's no heightened risk for him getting RSV and these URI he's had having been a premie which is wrong based on current research. I too wish insurance companies would extend the RSV shots to all premies or at the very least all who had respiratory distress when born. For now we are keeping him out of childcare as much as possible and limiting his exposure to other kids. Hoping to make it to his 1st birthday without anymore ER visits!
  • My 36 weeker got it at 5 weeks and ended up in the hospital for almost a week.  That's after he had spent the first 2 weeks in nicu when he was born.  We were told when he was in nicu that he wasn't eligible for it.  But my son was iugr baby which is a little different than your regular 36 weeker.
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  • My DS is almost 3 now but had IUGR due to me having HELLP and was born at 33 weeks.  He has, since birth had numerous upper respiratory infections and we bought a nebulizer last year since he needs treatment so often.  He will be evaluated for asthma at 3, they won't evaluate before then.  Preemies of a certain gestation and under are more succeptable to lung issues in toddler years, but are likely to grow out of them by adolescence.  FX this isn't a chronic issue for your LO's.  
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  • My 34 weeker did get the RSV vaccine but my older daughter was only 14 months so she qualified because of having a sibling at home who was under 2. I was really happy she got the vaccine but she did wind up with RSV in the PICU at age 3 which surprised me a bit. I stayed home with both of them and they weren't sick often but once they got into preschool they started getting the normal respiratory illnesses in the winter. It just sucks in general :( 

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    I feel for you! If you can stay at home with him for awhile I would!  Being exposed to too many germs and care takers is so hard on the little ones.  Best of luck!
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