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Crib transition

Maybe this has been talked to death on here, I'm not sure but please bear with me. I'm transitioning my boy from his bassinet/pack n play to his crib and I am a total emotional wreck! I never expected to care this much, I thought it would be great not having to whisper or keep the TV on silent in my room but instead I am crying and just constantly watching this crappy little video monitor for any movement, even a flinch. Did anyone else have a hard time? Or just little crazy me!

Re: Crib transition

  • I guess I could say I'm having a hard time, because we still have her in the bassinet! I talked to dh the other night about moving her, but we both just really like having her right there with us. You're not crazy!
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  • We have had LO in his crib from the beginning and had planned on moving the crib into LO'S nursery a long time ago. I'm the one having trouble with the thought of it, my husband just informed me that the change is happening next week while he is off for the holidays. I love having lil dude right next to us! You are not crazy!
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  • One day I just woke up a rearranged our bedroom in which LO was sleeping in from birth . I did a massive spring clean and before I realised I had moved his cot into his own room. However for that week I freaked out about him not being in our room so I thought If I'm still uneasy after those 7 days I'd move him back in. Also DH was glad to have his room back so encouraged me to wait it out.However LO had no problem he slept even better. So of course I was still anxious but he stayed in his room. I did this when he was 3.5 months at this point he wasn't vomiting after a feed. And our room is next door so I could still hear everything he did. I'm glad I gave it a go not only do we no longer have to be super quiet when baby is sleeping but we can also relax knowing he is safe in his own room! Now for the dreaded sleep pattern thingy!!
  • I'm so glad I'm not alone in this! My husband couldn't care either way since I wake up for all night time feeds and soothing back to sleep. He likes the idea of my baby being in his own room and so far he's done well! We are in the midst of night 4 and he has been sleeping through the night with no issues. I was concerned about the CIO method but it seems like only the mom here is crying it out, baby is great! Ha! Still makes me very anxious to have the monitor though, I feel like I'm staring at that thing all night! Ugh! Maybe I should just have a sound monitor due to my awful anxiety? Anyway, thank you so much for the support ladies!!!
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