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Need advice please!!

I had an ultrasound today at 10 weeks. Everything was good and baby measured right on track. And then I saw the umbilical cord. The cord is huge, it is so thick. In all of my clinical rotations for ultrasound, I have never seen one this big at this stage. I asked my doctor if I should worry and she didn't say much about it. But I had some bloodwork done today and will have my nuchal within the next two weeks, so I thought maybe she didn't want to say anything until we get those results? When I googled large or thick cord it said it could be associated with chromosomal abnorm. When I saw it a few weeks ago it was nice and small, it's like it blew up. I was also thinking maybe the gut hernia toon hasn't gone back in, but it's not just the proximal part of the cord. It looks like the whole cord! Has anyone had a huge cord and everything turned out ok???

Re: Need advice please!!

  • I don't have any experience with this but I wanted you to know that I am sending thoughts and prayers your way! If your doctor didn't say anything maybe they aren't concerned? I haven't done much research on the subject but I'm wondering if maybe it wasn't quite big enough for them to worry too much about it
  • Thank you. If it was a little bigger, I wouldn't worry. It was so big, I have never seen one like it. I wish she had given me a picture with the cord in it, so I could have shown you guys. I don't see her for another 3 weeks, but I'll be able to see more when I go for he nuchal. I was ready to tell my gram and sisters and now I'm going to hold off again, just incase something is wrong. On top of that it looks like one of the baby's legs is a little bowed and maybe a club foot. I'm going to have a heart attack
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  • I don't have any experience with this either. But when my second son wS born his legs were super bowed. It was weird. I freaked out. The pediatrician just kind if brushed it off and didn't say much. But they straightened out just fine on their own and he's totally normal. Hopefully that little bit eases your mind?!?
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    Thank you. If it was just the foot or bowed leg I wouldn't mind because it will work itself out or can be fixed. But sometimes they are associated with other anomalies. Thank you ladies so much for listening every time I freak out!
  • I knew it really wasn't going to be helpful info. I hope it's just nothing and your next scan looks totally normal!
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  • No, it is helpful. I'm glad that it turned out good for you and it does give me some hope. Thank you so much. :)
  • First of all..never, ever Google. Second, if your doctor didn't seem worried, then I'd try not to. I would always worry and the nurse would tell me not to yet. Of course, I'd so her when I should start worrying then and she'd always say, "When I tell you to." Well, she never told me to. I know you've seen more ultrasounds than most of us, but your doctor's seen even more than you. I'm no expert by any means, but I do know that ultrasound measurements aren't always to scale. Is it possible that's the cord was just closer to the wand this time, so it looked bigger? Either way I'm sorry that happened to you, all we need is one more thing to worry about! But I'm praying that everything will continue to turn out fine.
  • Thank you so much! That's what I keep telling myself. She is the one that went to medical school, not me. But you know how it is. Going over every little thing. I was starting to feel good about this pregnancy and now I feel like im obsessing again. I did my bloodwork and I'm waiting to get in for my nuchal. I just want the results to come back and say everything is ok. :)
  • Everything will be great, you'll see..but I know how you feel! I never stopped worrying. Thinking of you and hoping you get some reassurance soon. <3
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