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Doesn't want solids anymore

LO used to love experimenting with different fruits, veggies and meats. Now, I can't even get him to eat cereal!  He hasn't had anything traumatizing happen (like choking/gagging) while eating. Has this happened to your LO? If so, what did you do to encourage them to keep trying other things?

Re: Doesn't want solids anymore

  • I'm not sure, but you might want to post this in or check the "feeding LO" existing thread.
  • This is just my opinion and you should confirm wig your paed.

    If it's just been short term I wouldn't worry: we lose our appetites and if he's still on BM/ formula then he'll probably up his intake to compensate. In the mean time try different foods in different ways. Use a teething mesh bag, finger foods. He'll start eating again when he's ready until then let him play with it and he might eat some here and there.
  • My LO went on a solid strike not to long ago too. I could get him to take a bite maybe two, but usually once he smelt it he wanted nothing to do with it. So I tried the same jar 3x a day as well as the mesh tethers, until he finally started eating again. He just had no interest in it I guess. Hopefully your LO caves soon!
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