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To active to be swaddled?

Hello! I'm new here! I searched swaddling but nothing really answered my DD is 6 months old and will not stay asleep without being swaddled with both arms in .. if we don't swaddle her she touches her face and wakes herself up or rolls around and can't go back to sleep..sometimes I sleep with her in my bed but she won't sleep that long. when swaddled she usually sleeps all night. My question is how do I transition her to sleeping without being swaddled? What have some of you tried? Is it still okay to swaddle her with her being such an active mover?

Re: To active to be swaddled?

  • Maybe start loosening the tightness of the swaddle till she can sleep without it.
  • We had this happen around 4 months. LO was outgrowing them anyway and we knew we needed to transition out of them to let him move around at night. I hate to say it but we just had to power through it and get him used to being unswaddled. We tried to do it gradually - one arm out, then both - but cold turkey worked for us. It took about a week of fussing and crying but he adjusted. They really do need the freedom to move around at night. Plus it's cute to see where they end up in the morning. Good luck!!
  • No, swaddling at this point is not safe. Especially because she can roll. Have you tried the Merlin sleep suit? Moms here have had success with that. Since it doesn't sound like she's crying, could you just let her find a way to get to sleep on her own and not go in to get her? It might take her a few days but she'll figure it out. Or you could benefit from sleep training. We did Ferber and it made all the difference in the world.
  • I don't have any advice for you b/c we never swaddled Lo's arms in, they have always been out. I would try loosening the swaddle and keeping one arm out. Good luck!
  • Unswaddle and just let her get used to it. It might take a few days. Cold turkey.
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  • LO was swaddled for a while and we are in the Merlin now, but at this point I agree that you're just going to have to deal with a lot of crying for a few nights. Your baby will be too strong and /or big for any transitional project soon and you'll have to deal with crying then anyway.

    My baby is rolling like crazy during the day and I'm dreading the night when she finally rolls in the Merlin.

    Also, my first kid slept amazingly well swaddled until 6 months when the dr made us stop, so you're not alone in swaddling this long. Unfortunately the transition was a nightmare. No advice, just commiseration.
  • We transitioned to a swaddlesack and then a normal sleep sack. Our LO hates not being covered on her feet so it was a nice solution. We just used the swaddle pieces for a few days for her to get used to the swaddlesack and then started letting her arms out. It only took a couple days.
  • You will keep her bones from growing properly mama. Let her tough it out. It isn't safe at this point.
  • We had the same problem & gradually transitioned her like PPs have said starting with one arm out then both. It seems like a daunting task but she will eventually learn to sleep without it. Our LO would startle herself awake so easily at first but eventually that subsided. I honestly can't even remember how long that lasted but I'm thinking we saw a big improvement after about a week. Also she transitioned from back sleeping swaddled to slightly on her side (we'd lay her with her on her back/side with her unswaddled arm out so she wouldn't roll all the way over but it kept her from flailing her arm so much.) Once both arms were out she started flipping herself over & sleeping on her tummy. We still put her down on her back but she rolls herself anyway. Good luck!
  • A week hey? So there is light at the end of this transitional tunnel lol
  • We're going cold turkey tonight. The last few nights have been a disaster. He doesn't want to be swaddled, but wakes himself unswaddled.
    I feel ya.
  • We are ripping the bandaid off and going cold turkey from the swaddle tonight....and starting sleep training. We leave for vacation in23 days and I can't leave this baby with my folks if he's still getting up at night and insisting on sleeping with someone. I have to try to get him on track! Fingers crossed for us!
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  • Good luck!!!!!
  • The Merlin sleep suit was a God send for us! Agree with pp, swaddling at 6 months with a baby that moves a lot can be dangerous. I know it's hard when we are so tired at night and all we want is sleep, but I think that babies adjust quickly to new things, give it a try. I'm almost positive that it may take only a few days to have him used to no swaddle! Good luck!
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  • @elizasmommy15 how are things now? Were you able to figure something out?
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