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37+3.. could this be it?? **TMI warning**

Last couple of days I've been having a crampy feeling, but last night I had some pretty painful contractions. I've been having loose bowels for the past two days. When I woke up they were gone, but today I noticed a thick, yellowish, mucus dishcharge and I've been cramping and having constant lower back pain sense. Could this be that start???

Re: 37+3.. could this be it?? **TMI warning**

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    Could be. But maybe not. If your contractions become regularly spaced and don't go away when you drink water and rest then you're likely in early labor. Anything else is probably BHC.

    Good luck!
  • I'm 37 weeks and 1 day. I have been feeling the cramping as well with having to use the bathroom more then usual. Maybe it is our bodies getting ready! So exciting
  • I had my first baby at 37+1. Healthy, natural (and VERY fast) labor.

    However, my first tip off that baby was indeed about to come was my water breaking. Contractions didn't start for nearly nine hours after my water broke. 

    I'm trying not to get my hopes up too much for another early baby. But this time I will at least have a few things ready if baby decides that is the plan. :-)
  • I'm on DD#2.. With #1 I went in when a contraction took my breath. I had been having them for over 24hrs at seven minutes apart. They were being stronger, but they wouldn't become closer. Went in and was dilated to 4cm & was admitted. With this pregnancy... Monday I was having very consistent contractions at 3 minutes apart. They didn't hurt so much, but they were becoming stronger. After 24hrs of that, hubby convinced me that maybe my body was aware of what is going on (since its #2) and my pain tolerance had changed. I didn't think I was in labor at all, but the timing of the contractions was concerning. I went to the OB and was monitored for like three hours. I'm dilated to 1cm and the cervix is still high and hard. A full 24+hrs of consistent and continually strengthening contractions and it was all false! I'm currently laying in my bed, wishing I could sleep, with the sorest uterus, back, and hips I've ever had from contracting so long. Waiting for the real deal & wanting her out now! 37w1d ... Almost over!
  • Sounds like it could be, but it can start and stay like that for quite some time.

    With my first I had nothing that day then suddenly had one contraction that made me drop to hand and feet. Started having diarrhea and was alternating the toilet and my birthing ball for an hour (contractions super strong but 15min apart). Over the next hour contractions got to 5min apart, got to the hospital (2h after my first sign of labor) and was 8cm. 1.5 hours later I had my daughter in my arms. Sounds superfast right? Well it wasn't. I had prodromal labor for 4 weeks. Intense back labor contractions, 2cm dilated, everything. Thankfully I got a break on the big day.
  • I had this almost exactly like you and went into L&D as I was 36 weeks. Turned out it was false labour caused by a mild tummy bug, hence the diarrhoea. Upset stomachs can cause pretty intense contractions, but once your body has got rid of the infection you generally go back to normal. Now I'm 37+4 and occasionally get period pain and strong BH but nothing to write home about yet ;)
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