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How many diapers does one need?...

FTM here. I want to stock up on diapers, but I'm not sure how many diapers I need of each size. Any advice from moms who have been through this before? I'm not sure how many newborn size I will need, size 1, 2, etc. I'm trying to stock up because we live "out in the country," per se, and it would be nice to have a stockpile to avoid a 20-minute drive to the store in middle of the night. Thanks! 

Re: How many diapers does one need?...

  • I'm a FTM so I am not sure either but I am curious to see what some STM or TTMs have to suggest. So far I have just been keeping an eye out for sales and bought one case of each size. 
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  • I wouldn't buy a ton of newborn ones, your baby may grow out of that size in a week or two. I would buy at most a case, or a couple of small packages so you can return one of baby outgrows them too fast.
  • Keep your receipts for whatever you buy so if you buy too many packs, you can exchange them.

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  • ^^what she said. Get them while they are on sale and as long as they aren't opened you can always exchange them for different sizes if he/she outgrows them. I've just been buying random sizes whenever they go on sale at target. I've never had issues exchanging them even without receipts but I would keep them just in case. Just tape it to the box so you don't lose it.
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  • redfallonredfallon member
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    I'm against stockpiling for reasons listed above. You won't know how many of each size your baby needs or even when your baby will go up in size. I'm a STM and I have one small package of newborn and one small package of size 1. My first baby was probably about 10/day to begin with, but she only pooped either once a day or once every two days. I can't go by how she did to determine how many this new LO is going to use per day. After a week or so, I'll be better able to determine that. For different sizes, it could be days or weeks or months before yours goes up in size. So there is no way to tell you how many you are going to need in each size.


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  • I never stock piled because: you never know how fast baby will grow out of a size, not all diapers fit the same and some brands you may have issues with leaks, etc., and there are also some brands that you may have issues with skin sensitivities.  (Yes, you can exchange, but I am #teamlazy and some stores *ahem Target* that SUCK with their exchange and return policies).

    My birth center basically stocks you up on newborn and size 1 diapers before you leave the hospital, I never needed to buy more NB sized diapers and we only went through 1 box of size 1's.  Then we were in 2's for quite a while.

    I did receive GC's at my shower and we just saved those for when we needed to go out and get more diapers.  (I don't think we had to pay out of pocket for almost a year.)

  • I agree with @dramaphile! Don't but newborn. Your baby may skip right over that size. You may want at least 2 boxes of size 1s. They'll be in them for a little while. The hospital will send you home with diapers. So if you do end up needing newborn sizes, you'll be set until you can get to the store.
  • We had 1 box of newborns, size 1 and 2.
    It is really hard say how many diapers you will need. Thr first week home we went through an 88ct box of diapers. I would get 1 or 2 boxes of both newborn and size 1, exchange if needed.
  • In addition to other posters, many online and online subscription services are available (such as Amazon,, honest company etc) so they can be delivered conveniently to your door when you are running low :)
  • Here is a suggestion from BRU.
    But definitely keep receipts like PPs suggested!
  • It's really hard to say because you don't know how big your LO will be and how fast they will grow. DS1 was pretty small (5lbs 8 oz when we left the hospital, full term) and he actually wore preemie diapers for a week or so. Everyone always says they will probably skip over newborn or not be in them long but he was in them a long time!. I want to say he wore newborn for the first 6-8 weeks at least. He was in size 1 for forever. I would say get one box of newborn and a few boxes of 1's and just keep the receipts. Most moms prefer one brand of diapers over another and they all fit differently. You wouldn't want to stock pile a brand that your baby won't be able to wear. I bought pampers in the huge box when I went grocery shopping (this time I plan to order Amazon prime for diapers) and we never had a problem running. 

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  • I am a first time mum, so I probably shouldn't contribute, as I have no idea- but- I got a box of newborn size and that's it, as I just get my shopping delivered anyhow!! So I figure it's not like I will have to leave the house to get more, and I'm going to send my husband out if I have to. I have no idea where I could stockpile nappies as they take up slot of space!
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    As a FTM I also don't know much. I was given a large box of size 1 pampers swaddlers which is the type I wanted to buy. Also given pampers sensitive wipes. I am waiting to see how my LO is with the pampers and see if they work for her. If they do then I will buy more of that type and in a variety of sizes. 
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  • Ceridwen77Ceridwen77 member
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    It depends on the baby. Mine is 5.5wks and still in newborns. We went through 88 diapers in less than 6 days.
  • I have a box of newborns and a few size 1s. I've gotten them at Target during good sales. If I need to exchange it's all on my RedCard. My other kids wore newborn around a month but if this one is bigger I don't want to have a ton to exchange.

  • Get a few kinds too... You don't know what will work until you try it. We wanted biodegradable diapers and so we got a cross section of types.. 7th gen, honest company etc. we ended up having to temporarily use huggies due to them having preemie sizes. So you see how it's hard to predict.
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