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First Day Teaching After Leave

Any fellow teachers back to school or gearing to go back? I teach first grade and will be returning the Monday after winter break so 2.5 more weeks. I know that my sub is in her 70's and a retired teacher who has old school ways of doing things so I already know I have my work cut out for me. I'm just looking for ideas as far as how to transition back to me/any New Years type activities to catch up with what's been going on with my kiddos. Thanks!

Re: First Day Teaching After Leave

  • I teach 5th grade and go back after winter break as well. I am going to bring my little one in next week before break to introduce him and catch up with my kiddos. I'm hoping that will help us transition better when I return. If nothing else, we can skip all of that stuff and spend more time reteaching expectations, routines, ect.
  • I teach high school English and go back after break. They have finals this week. I have been going in this week to do lesson plans and such. The kids are all really happy to see me, so I guess they didn't take to the sub very well. I'm going in tomorrow with LO to make all my copies.
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  • I teach elementary music and will be going back to work after break. I've been in a few times to catch up with my sub and pick up/drop off grading (little of which I've completed). I'm not mentally ready to go back.
  • I was contemplating surprising my kiddos with cupcakes the last day before break because I ended up having to cancel our Halloween party on account of LO coming two weeks early and me obviously not being there. My current sub was also my sub two years ago with DD1 , and we had a bit of a conflict so I kind of want to avoid her so I'm torn as to whether to go in next or not. I do like the idea of going in though and getting the initial excitement of seeing me over with so we can start fresh after break. Thanks ladies!

    @cdepperschmidt Report cards were due the same week I gave birth so I was literally 3 days postpartum typing up report card comments that I could not have cared less about at that point in time. I'm still not mentally prepared...it's so easy to pretend I'm a stay at home mom haha
  • I go back 2 weeks after break and have so much anxiety about it. Anyone else nervous about how they're going to be able to fit pumping into the school day? Right now I'm thinking before and after school and during lunch but I don't know if that's often enough
  • @hobo920 I'm formula, however two of my coworkers pumped, and they would pump before school, lunch, during planning, and after school.
  • @hobo920 I was just talking to the LC about this today because I'm very anxious about making it work. She said just make sure your pumping and BFing sessions add up to 8 to maintain supply and also your supply will adjust to your new schedule.
  • @hobo920 I made a big deal about this at my school and ended up getting my schedule changed. Initially I was supposed to be on duty or classes from 6:45AM-1:14PM. Now I have a period off at 10:15.
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