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Moving to Norfolk/OB and Hospital Recommendations

Hi all-
My work has just told me that they will need me to move to the Norfolk, Va area next month to take over a new building. We haven't started looking at homes or anything, but my first concern is finding a new doctor and hospital to deliver! I'm 12 weeks now (due in June) and will absolutely ask my OB for recommendations when I see him next week, but figured I would ask here too just on the chance that maybe some of you are familiar with the area and can provide some feedback? We know no one in the area so I'm a little lost right now!

Re: Moving to Norfolk/OB and Hospital Recommendations

  • I highly recommend DePaul. I have had a great experience with them. I'm due this spring with my second child. I delivered my first there. There are great options between the midwives and OB. If you would like to pursue a natural child birth, the woman's care center, plc is definitely the place to go.
  • I'm military so no choice but to deliver at Portsmouth Naval, which is actually a great place. I'm a nurse and have friends who work at Sentara Prncess Anne and Chesapeake General, they give good reviews. Best wishes! 
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  • Hi - I recommend The Group for Women, but only two of their locations when booking appointments. They deliver at Sentara Leigh, which is central to VB/Norfolk/Chesapeake. As for living, I highly recommend checking out Chesapeake vs. Norfolk. Virginia Beach is also nice (I grew up there) but depending on budget, you may find more in Chesapeake. I'm not sure where you're coming from, or if you're familiar with the area, but feel free to ask me questions!
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  • If you are military you can switch to Trcare standard and see any OB you want. Tricare covers maternity care 100% regardless if you are prime or standard. I chose Virginia Beach Obstetrics and Gynecology and will deliver at Princess Anne which is a beautiful facility!
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