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New to the Bump and off the Pill

Hi everyone -- I'm a 29 year old newlywed, hoping to try for baby #1 with DH sometime in summer/fall 2016. I have been off the pill for one month after being on it for the last 6 or so years. Hoping to let my body adjust before TTC. My period was a week late, but it's here now. First natural period in a while feels really different.. major cramps and headaches. I am also feeling really bloated, more than normal during my period. Skin is all right... I expected it to be worse so I guess that's good. However, my mood and sex drive have both improved. I'm much more patient as opposed to irritable, this could also be that my wedding is over and I'm fairly stress-free now. Overall, I think being off the pill is agreeing with me.

Many family members and friends in my circle are expecting and I can't wait to meet their little ones and plan for my own with DH in the near future. Still lurking here on the Bump and figuring out where I belong before I'm officially TTC. This forum seems really helpful and I look forward to getting to know other users. Take care!
Me: 33 DH: 34
Married: Oct 2015
TTC #1: Sept 2016
BFP: 10/19/16 ~ blighted ovum ~ D&C 11/23/16
BFP: 3/24/17   <3  DD1 born 12/2/17
TTC #2: July 2018
BFP: 8/26/18 <3  DD2 born 5/16/19

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