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Sweating at Night

Anybody else waking up sweating or night sweats? I'm 31 weeks this week but I haven't had this since the 1st tri. I'm not waking up soaked or anything but the past 2 nights I will go to bed around 9:30pm and wake up at 2am or 3am with that overheating feeling. I just change positions and I cool down a little but then I will wake up an hour or so later with the same feeling. I don't have heavy blankets or anything (I have a hard time sleeping without covers) and we have the fan on high every night. I also have a body pillow which traps the heat when I sleep with it, maybe I should try not sleeping with it? Just annoying, hopefully not like this the rest of the time. 
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Re: Sweating at Night

  • Yep.  Every night.

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  • nlwz123 said:
    Yep.  Every night.

    Oh great, glad I'm not the only one but man I don't want this to start up again. 
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  • Me too, especially recently.
  • I get this most nights and you'll find it will probably get worse the further along you are. As long as you're getting some sleep though, that's what matters :)
  • I wake up soaked. When it first started happening a couple weeks ago I had to check myself to make sure it was sweat and not pee! I'll be 31 weeks Friday, and I just try to sleep with a lighter blanket.
  • I assumed this was happening to me because of the heat- (last 2 days have been 40+ degrees, with overnight temp not dropping below 26 Celsius) but maybe it's a pregnancy thing too- I wake up a drink water even though it means I'll need to wake up again to pee.
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    I have this on and off throughout pregnancy, and for a few weeks after delivery.  Unforunately, post-partum is always the worst for me, but then it goes away.
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  • I had this and it seemed to come in waves.  Its the hormones.
    I actually purchased a cold back wrap to help with back pain through the day.  The gel packs were flat and on bad nights I got up and grabbed one of the packs to lay on.  It was just enough to help cool me down a little quicker than on my own without it.  I included the link of the one I bought but any flat cold pack would help.

  • It seems to be coming in waves. I can go a couple of nights and be fine then all of sudden it happens again. It's not too bad but just kind of annoying trying to fall back asleep. I like covers but not when I have sweat feeling. 
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  • I had it early in pregnancy (actually before I knew I was pregnant) and I'm having it again now at 34 weeks
  • Yes I've had this! Earlier in my pregnancy I would just wake up really hot but now at 34 weeks I wake up soaking in sweat..
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