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Losing weight after first pp period?

Anyone have their first pp period? If so, did you notice you lost weight after? Have not lost a pound in OVER a month, hoping something gives soon! (I'm 8 weeks pp)

Re: Losing weight after first pp period?

  • I've been wondering this too!!! I've been working out daily and eating really well and still not losing any weight!! I just got my first period yesterday and I'm hoping things will start to change. I havr to go back to work in a couple whave and I don't want to buy all new clothes!!
  • I've lost a good but of weight (53 pounds from pre pregnancy weight) but I think most of it was before my first period. I got my first period around 7 weeks post partem and have lost maybe 2-3 pounds since then.

    I need to start working out and eating better to keep up the loss because I have a good bit more to lose, I'm just tired and unmotivated, lol.
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