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Diaper inserts - hemp/bamboo

Hi all

We're considering trying some cloth diapers after the first month when things have stabilised some and we're adjusted to some routine.

I'm reading most site and posts that parents use hemp/bamboo as a booster at night etc and normal cotton for day.

Can't I not just start with bamboo and hemp if I wanted as much absorbency as possible and bypass cotton altogether?

Re: Diaper inserts - hemp/bamboo

  • Yes! Most people use cotton because it's cheaper, but you're right that bamboo and hemp are more absorbent. I use cotton in the day when I'm changing her often (they were very cheap-some given to me for free) but bamboo or hemp for car trips, naps and night. I used mostly microfiber for DD1, and I donated all of them and switched to flats for this baby.

    Even the most expensive bamboo cloth inserts are cheaper than disposables!
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  • I see. So the lowest risk would be all bamboo/hemp but at a higher cost.

    I'm guessing that for daily use, the frequent changing just doesn't warrant b/h.

    Just thinking if full b/h would also mean less frequent changes in the day.
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  • Theoretically bamboo or hemp could mean less changes throught the day, but its pretty standard to change diapers every 2-3 hours to avoid rashes.  My 2.5 periodically will use a hemp insert for nightime (when he has a cup of milk right before bed) but otherwise he can go 3 hours easily with his microfiber inserts.

  • Agree with PP. My 10 month old uses b/h for night time diapers but uses microfiber throughout the day. We go about 3 hours between routine changes. 
  • What type of diaper are you going with? Most pocket diapers come with the microfiber liner as part of the diaper, which I think is why most people begin with that (that was how I started with them, anyway). Unless you're ordering from Alva Baby, where I know they let you upgrade the liner for another couple extra dollars.

    My microfiber liners have been great until now that my LO is 3 1/2 months and starting daycare - the diapers have started coming home SOAKED through & she's almost always in her backup clothes. I've ordered some hemp doublers to stuff in my pocket diapers for daycare, and may try them at night too! (we use a disposi at night).

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