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I'm new...is anyone here?


Re: I'm new...is anyone here?

  • I was thinking, what if we did a weekly check in like the other boards? Maybe if there is some structure, more people will participate?  

    Questions like:
    Where are you in your journey? (Ttc, tww, parent) 
    Anything upcoming this week? (Tests, appts, etc)
    Gtky: a random question each week to get to know you. 

    RE DX for me: Anovulatory cycles/Mild PCOS  RE DX for DW: Endometrioma on left Ovary.
    Reciprocal Ivf Feb 2016. DW eggs and I am carrying. EDD: 10/27/16

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  • @twomommiestobe sounds like a great idea. Structure probably does tend to draw people out, spark new conversations. Count me in :)
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