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Midwife and doula?

I'm early in my pregnancy with my second and will be seeing midwives at a birth center. With my first I used a family practice with MDs and one midwife, and delivered in a hospital with a doula. She was incredible and I'm so glad I used a doula, but I'm wondering if I should get a doula this time, knowing I'll have a midwife. Any thoughts or experiences?
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Re: Midwife and doula?

  • I had a doula with my homebirth. Was she needed? Maybe not, but I did use her for questions prior and she was supportive. I'd say if you can afford it, go for it. If not, you should be fine. Especially since it's your second
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    It depends on the midwife, but my understanding is that they have 2 different roles. Since the doula is there to support (not provide medical care) I guess you need to decide how much of that can already be done by your midwife without interfering with your medical care, as well a show much you think you will need that extra support.
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  • I've only delivered with midwives in a hospital setting, but I used the same doula twice and am planning to use her again with my 3rd (this time in a birth center). If it's affordable, I really appreciated the extra pair of hands to apply counter-pressure, to go get me some apple juice, etc.
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