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Success after IF

Success with Single Embryo Transfer

Has anyone in the bump community experienced success with a single embryo transfer with IVF? I had an embryo transfer today with the only embryo out of 9 that was diagnosed as normal through PGD. We were not expecting to only have 1 available for transfer. DH and I are 33 with undiagnosed infertility.

Re: Success with Single Embryo Transfer

  • I'm in the same boat as you, except DH & I will be 37 in a few months. Technically the success rates for a eSET is about 62%, so that's encouraging but its also hard not to worry that we not end up in the 38% where it didn't work. 

    I wish you all the best and hope both of us get our miracle.

    DH :  36, has Chronic Kidney Disease, on dialysis & is waiting on the transplant list (average wait for B+ is 5 years)

    Me:   36, Hypothyroidism, PCOS, BMI 32, need to be done with "child bearing" ASAP so that I can be a Kidney donor (was fun realizing we didn't as much time as we thought :-/ )

    We're TTC#1

    IUI #1 : 5mcg Letrozole (CD 3-7) + Ovidrel Trigger + Had the one follicle = BFN  (March 2014)

    IUI #2 : 5mcg Letrozole (CD 3-7) + 150 iu Bravelle on CD9 (after much begging!) + Had the one follicle = BFN (April 2014)

    7th May 2014 - changed REs, this one seems to care (we think....)

    IUI #3 : 7mcg Letrozole (CD 3- 7) + 75 iu Bravelle (CD 8-12) + CD12 Scan 5/16 + Had 3 follicles (2 under 15mm) = BFN(May 2014)

    IUI #4 : 7mcg Letrozole (CD 3- 7) + 75 iu Bravelle (CD 8-12) + CD12 Scan 5/16 + Had 1 follicle + DH gave best sample so far = BFN(June 2014)

    IVF#1 -  ER Only Cycle Sept-Oct 2014, 17  eggs Retrieved, 14 mature, 10 fertilized, 6 made it to Blast & post PGS  5 were not viable due to chromosomal abnormalities
    Not sure where we go from here...

    We're parents to two very adorable, bratty, affectionate & goofy Bernese Mountain Dog pups who would very much like a 2 legged baby brother or sister of their own!

  • Thank you for your encouragement @ddvj79! 63% makes me feel pretty good. Baby dust for both of us!
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  • I did! We did a 5 day single embryo transfer in the spring and I am now 35 weeks pregnant with our first. DH and I were also unexplained and I was also 33 (turned 34 in the fall). Hang in there!! Hoping you both get your miracles!
  • @emcarl24, that's wonderful! Thank you!
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    My 3 month old is the result of a singleton FET. We had male IF. I'm 28 and DH is 33. Best wishes!
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  • Hi there.  I am on the Pregnant after IF board.  I've been looking around for some chattier groups. I saw this thread and I had to comment. 

    I have a one and a half year old son that is a result of a fresh IVF SET and I am currently pregnant with number two from a FET SET. ♥
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    2003- M/C twins
    2006 - ectopic
    2014- Son born in May via IVF
    2015 - BFP number two via FET

  • Hi! I had my first IVF in late October and had a day 5, fresh, single embryo transfer in early November and I'm now 10 weeks pregnant!!! I'm 31 and my husband is 32, we also have unexplained infertility.

    I wish you the BEST of luck @SparrowTales !!!
  • I had unexplained IF/RPL - we beat the odds for bad luck (8 yrs, 5 pgs losses). At age 38, retrieval 16 eggs, yielded 2 PGS normals - we beat the odds for good luck (2 eSETs - 2 live births). FX for your "golden egg".

    Unexplained IF/RPL

    TTC#1 2003 BFNs, 2004-2009 imageimageimageimageimage 5 angels above

    2010 IVF-PGS-FET#1, DD b. Aug-2011 image

    TTC#2 2012 BFNs, 2013 FET#2, DS b. Nov-2013 image

    TTC#3 2015 BFNs, FET#3 image (my 6th and last angel above)

    Journey Complete.

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  • My eSet sweet pea is 6 weeks old. A PGS normal gives you a better chance than an untested embryo. Good luck to you!
    TTC Since 3/2010
    Me-36, Unexplained Infertility, DH-35, all clear
    Clomid 50mg 12/2011 = BFN
    Clomid 100mg 1/2012 = BFN, with Cyst
    IVF #1 Lupron/Menopur/Gonal-f/HCG Trigger
    ER 4/19/12 = 11 retrieved, 6 fertilized,
    ET 4/22/12 = 2 transfered (day 3), remaining 3 weren't good enough to freeze
    Beta 5/3 = BFP, 87 Beta #2 5/7 560.9 Beta #3 5/9 1376.5 First u/s One Baby, 125bpm!
    Second u/s, 176bmp! Kicked over to the OB by the RE at 8w. Team Green!! 
    Baby girl J arrived two weeks early! Born into water, med-free. Hooray for Team Pink!

    TTC #2 - back to the RE, treatment started 12/2014. 

  • I had success twice with a single embryo transfer (one fresh cycle and one FET). The fresh cycle ended in miscarriage due to a chromosomal abnormality so we had our remaining embryos tested. Only one came back normal and that's what we used for our FET. I am 5 weeks pregnant now.
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