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Simply Born/Cedar Tree Birthing Suite?

Has anyone delivered with a midwife at the Cedar Tree birthing suite on Cherry? I'm curious to know how much it cost (including pre-natal care) and if you had a positive experience. What is their admitting procedure if there's a medical emergency? Do you have to bring all your own meals or do they feed you during your recovery time like they would at a hospital? How long did you stay there to recover before going home? 

Re: Simply Born/Cedar Tree Birthing Suite?

  • Hey! My friend did a home birth through them. They mentioned it was less then 3000 oop. Idk about the actual birth center though. I am considering them as well
  • I have heard great things about them! Look up the facebook group Informed Birth West Michigan. I bet you can get any of your questions answered there. 
  • @jkh89 I just saw on facebook that Cedar Tree is closing. 
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