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Hello ladies. I want to make sure I've got my timing right. When I get a positive on the wondflo OPKs (two dark lines) that's when We have been BD. I have had long surges the last 2 months, I've gotten a positive for like 1.5 days. Then it goes away, which I'm assuming is O. I haven't been temping but I do check cervical fluid. Am I timing it right? Is that what you are supposed to do? Start BD as soon as you get a positive? Help!!

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    Ideally you should time BD for the 3-4 days leading up to the positive and the 2 days after the positive. You could start BD when you start to see the line get darker, through the positive and a couple more days. The positive means you will O in 12-48 hours, but most research points to the most sucess happening with BD before O, so the sperm is there waiting once the egg releases.
  • Thank you! I had a feeling I wasn't starting early enough. I will do that
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  • Yeah not 100% sure what a long surge means but you usually ovulate a day or two after you first see the surge like PP said. Could be you just continue to release the hormone even after you have ovulated. Might increase the chance for multiples too since more than one follicle might release an egg ;)
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