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High Chair Help! [Wood? Plastic?]

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I hope this is the right section for this, because it is definitely food related!

I am currently pregnant with my first, and had put one high chair on my registry, but i did my registry entirely online.

Today i was actually in store with my MIL and was helping her pick out a high chair to keep at her house (for her, not the one for my registry), she has one 2 year old grand baby and 2 grandbabies on the way. So we were looking for something that would fit the growing 2 year old and also then fit the newborns later on. Just so if either of us was stopping at her house there would be a spot seated for them.

So now im second guessing the one on my registry...
Before i went to the store, 
I was originally totally sold on the Stokke.
Then i ended up swapping to the Keekaroo.
Both based entirely on online reviews and review videos.

But now that i actually went into the store, i am wondering if this is not the way to go.
I really like the wood, i like how it looks and it just like wooden things (i have been gravitating towards wood toys as well)
But the man said the wood was really just not as adjustable. 
The wood can support a much heavier baby than any of the plastic is rated for.
But the wood doesnt seem to be as adjustable and i am not sure whether or not its as comfortable either.
But i dont have the experience to really know! ...and of course they didnt seem to carry the Keekaroo in store which is currently sitting on my registry.

I was planning to originally start the baby in the bumbo with the tray attachment at the very beginning and eventually use the high chair a little later on.
Tell me why the wood is good! or why maybe its not so good... Advice?

Re: High Chair Help! [Wood? Plastic?]

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