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*** 3rd Tri Checkin 12/14/2015 ***

This is a weekly check in for the lucky ones who have made it to the 3rd trimester!!! If you are in week 28 or past, feel free to join in on the weekly fun.

If you're just joining us, please post a mini synopsis in your first post with your EDD, how many beans, if you know the sex(es) and how you have been feeling in 3rd tri along with any appointment updates.

QOTW: What is your earliest memory?  Is it something you hope to replicate for your LO?

3rd Tri ladies and littles

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Me: 37 | DH: 38 | Married 9/2012, low AMH, high FSH
First-ever BFP after IUI #4 (Follistim) - Baby Girl born (36w2d) 8/8/2014!
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Re: *** 3rd Tri Checkin 12/14/2015 ***

  • 36 weeks tomorrow!  Had a great app't today - U/S showed that my amniotic fluid levels are great (15-point-something!) and my placenta looks good and Yoda is doing great, still head down (yippy skippy!) and weighs around a pound more than big sister did when she was born at 36w2d.  So, yay!  Everything is on track for my TOLAC (Trial of Labor After Caesarean - TOLAC is the new VBAC).

    And doc confirmed that 10-12K steps per day is fine, and my weight gain is fine, so WHEW big sigh of relief.  I celebrated that good news with a chocolate brownie.  :)  All my aches and pains are perfectly normal (which I had assumed) and I verified that it's fine for me to use my hubby's electric back massager thingy (doc said it might make the baby start moving a lot because she'll feel the vibrations).  We went over what to wait for before going to the hospital.  Cervix is still long so it's not like anything's imminent, but I'm guessing we should pack a hospital bag sooner rather than later.  Had my strep test/swab today, results next week.  Now moving to weekly appointments but no more U/S unless I go past my due date.

    I am feeling pretty good, just - still - crazy tired.  And I got my daughter's latest cold (I think it's #5 since she started daycare - I got to skip a couple of them, though) so that's fun.  After the app't today I stopped at Babies R Us and got two pairs of footie pajamas (one size newborn and the other size 0-3 month) as going-home outfits for Yoda.  I figure for the most part, she'll wear hand-me-downs since we have tons of stuff, but her very first outfit should be her very own.  :)

    My earliest memory is from when I was about 4.5 - it was my little brother's 2nd birthday party, and Cabbage Patch Kids were all the rage.  My parents got him a doll and I very carefully sounded out the words on the box: "Corn Silk Kid."  And my Mom said, "It's a Cabbage Patch Kid!"  And I said, "But Mommy, it says 'Corn Silk Kid.'"  And she sent me to my room - not as punishment, but so that my brother wouldn't get upset if he found out he'd gotten a knock-off brand.  So, not exactly a memory I plan to recreate!  (Don't get me wrong, I had an amazing childhood with loving, doting parents.  It just happens that my earliest memory is sort of funny, considering how much my parents encourage reading!)
    Me: 37 | DH: 38 | Married 9/2012, low AMH, high FSH
    First-ever BFP after IUI #4 (Follistim) - Baby Girl born (36w2d) 8/8/2014!
    TTC #2 since Feb 2015
    BFP 5/4/15
  • Hey there ladies, I haven't checked in in a few weeks so I figured I'd drop in and say hi :smile: The less sleep I get the more antisocial I seem to become, I haven't even really been talking to my friends and family. Hopefully I'll feel a little more human after next week when I can stop working crazy hours and start working from home!

    36 weeks now, and I can't believe how quickly this trimester is flying by. I saw the doctor on Friday and he said I was already over cm dilated, though we didn't say anything about effacement. He said not to worry, it doesn't mean the little man will come early, just that I'll have an easier time when labor does start. I wish we could've had an ultrasound, since the last one around 32wks showed he was still breech. I'm trying to keep the mentality of "if the doctors not concerned I'm not concerned"… But that's tough!

    My earliest memory was around three years old, and it was naptime at daycare. I wasn't really a napper as a child, and my mother had told me that I didn't need to nap if I wasn't tired. The teacher was getting frustrated with me one day because I wasn't sleeping, so she did something rather drastic. The center had a long hallway with a door to close it off on one end, which served as the coat closet and cubbies for all the kids. I vividly remember her putting me in the closet with my cot and shutting the door to keep me in the entire nap time. I would go through everyone's cubbies to keep myself occupied and definitely still didn't sleep! I realize now how awful it was for that woman to do that, but as a kid I didn't care, I thought it was funny; not an experience I'd want my own child to have!!

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  • Hey ladies... I am just chugging along. Have a cold. Feel like ass. 3rd tri just zaps everything out of you, there are no resources left to fight colds. Ugh. I am so glad to still be on EOW OB appts. I am not looking forward to having to go sit there every freaking week. 

    My earliest memories? I have no idea, everything is such a blur. I can't tell if I have actual early memories or just remember stories of earlier memories. Well I do remember my mother going ALL OUT for every freaking holiday, and that actually made me hate holidays lol so no, I do not plan to recreate that crap ever. I like to let my DD pick out little decorations and things, and she's at the age now where I am ok letting her be more hands on with making cookies and things like that. We're making our own memories. 

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  • Hi ladies. Also just chugging along. 35 wks tomorrow, next appt on the 23rd. They'll do group b and one last u/s for growth and position. So far he's been on the larger side, we'll see if the trend continues. I'm doing pretty well, staying asleep is a problem but really that's to be expected...

    My earliest memory is of being with my dad in our driveway on a new little kid bike. I must have been 3 or 4 because he passed away the winter I was 4. I'm sure I'll want this baby to have a moment like that. I love the very few memories I have of him.
  • @andimegie325  - good to "see" you!  Wow, 1cm dilated already - it's getting real, eh?  That is crazy about your daycare teacher putting you in a coat closet!  Yikes.  And I hope you start getting sleep soon.

    @potatocastillo - I hear ya on the feeling crappy, I'm right there with you.  Hang in there, we are in the home stretch!

    @emcarl24 - I am also very bad at staying asleep.  I go to bed, sleep for a couple of hours, then I lie awake for 2-4 hours, then get a couple more hours of sleep.  I think tonight I will take Benadryl or Unisom, I'm becoming a zombie and it's no good...Btw that's a very sweet memory of your Dad.  Are you planning to have something for your baby that will be a physical reminder of your Dad?  My husband's father died in 2004, six years before we met.  By the time I met him, his Mom had cleaned out his Dad's closet, kept the shirts/clothes she wanted to keep and donated the rest.  My husband had 4 shirts of his Dad's, but they're all too big for him to wear.  It wasn't enough for a quilt, but we had two teddy bears made from the shirts from an Etsy shop - here's an example (not ours but similar) -  Just a thought, hope it is helpful.
    Me: 37 | DH: 38 | Married 9/2012, low AMH, high FSH
    First-ever BFP after IUI #4 (Follistim) - Baby Girl born (36w2d) 8/8/2014!
    TTC #2 since Feb 2015
    BFP 5/4/15
  • Hi ladies 33 weeks and have a crappy story to share. I've been in increasingly unbearable rib pain to the point that pain meds (codeine) were prescribed. Obviously, I can't take them and continue to work/function, so I've been miserable. Last week I saw my OB and she said "babies pick their spots and stay there. He will move when he gets to big." And that was about it. I've tried everything to get him to move. Everything. Ice, heat, exercise ball, yoga stretches, massage, acupuncture, spicy food. If there was a suggestion, I was all over it. So Sunday rolls around and we have an l&d class that I ended up having to leave early from. I was unable to do any of the floor exercises due to the excruciating pain. Yesterday, I'm a complete basket case at work (and I work from home) trying to pay attention in meetings and meet year-end deadlines..... I gave up at about 4 and DH had just gotten home. Cue the excruciating pain, nausea and vomiting. I was moaning from the rib pain and ran off to bed. Sometime last night there was a pop in my rib cage, baby had moved out and I had instant relief. I think he grew so much he got his head stuck high in my ribs. I'm still very sore today, but not in pain any longer. DH said he thought I had a low pain tolerance because I was the only woman in the class in that much pain. Nice. Ok that saga being over. My oldest memory was when I fell down the stairs at 7 months because my mom didn't realize I had secretly learned to walk. It was the 70's - I fell on shag carpet, the dog was sleeping at the bottom and told on me. I then remember gates that resembled jail..... Lol.
  • @marnief loving all the great news!!!

    @andimegie325 no freaking way!!! That's crazy about the closet!! What did your parents think when you finally told them??

    @Knottie4978096 that's awesome baby moved! I have never heard of a head getting stuck there!! I am strange and my uterus is over my ribs instead of under. When I read pop I thought you were writing that baby broke your rib!! Omg could you imagine??!!!

    Ok I need some peeps to join our check in!! I don't like being the bottom lol!!!

    My update: u/s today showed healthy baby and placenta previa has fully "moved"!!! 2VBAC is the goal. 30 weeks she is around 3 lbs 10 oz. the only concern is my GD and they may put me on a medication to help my morning blood sugar. I don't want her getting to big for a repeat VBAC.

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  • 30 weeks and 2 days. Plugging along with difficulty breathing and muscle spasms. I love being awakened by bilateral thigh and inner thigh muscle spasms. Lol. Trying to get all four places to stop feels like I am in a circus act spinning plates. I also started having cervix pinching which I hope isn't anything worrisome. I want the girls to at a least get to 36 weeks!

    Earliest memory: going to preschool and not knowing how to approach any other kids to make friends so I was lonely.
  • Hello!!

    Last night sucked, baby is still breech and was head butting my lungs and I couldn't breathe properly. Sounds dramatic but it was just horrid.

    Yesterday was my ECV and it didn't work! It was emotionally draining day. They tried for 25 minutes with two doctors having a try and they just couldn't get his head out from under my rib to flip him! It was really sore and I don't think I was prepared for how much it would take out of me.

    I got very emotional after- I so get baby here is most important but emotionally I was so attached to not having a c section. I am struggling to get my head around it.

    I have realised even at the finish line IF is still impacting my feelings. If we hadn't been through everything I feel I would consider vaginal breech buy because of everything I just can't seem to entertain it- when you hear increased risk of trauma my head just switches off to the rest and I feel like I couldn't risk it. At the same breathe I am carrying a bit of guilt in myself. Like why can't I just do one bit of this the ' normal' way. I know it's silly my husband is really trying to help me process all these feelings but as I said I guess IF leaves a mark in more ways than I expected.
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    @knottie4978096 - Whoa, I've never heard of that! So glad baby finally moved out of your ribcage. Hope any lingering soreness is gone now and you're feeling much better.

    @jeannaqueena - congrats on the great u/s and nice pic!

    @hopes4baby - Sounds like some uncomfortable stuff. Good luck, I hope that everything eases up soon!

    @somewhereinafrica - you poor dear. I'm sorry there is still so much that is so difficult and emotionally trying. Try to be gentle with yourself and know that none of this is your fault. It sucks, that's for sure. And I know you're grateful to live in a time and place where there are medical interventions for IF, for breech babies, for C-sections, etc. I hope that you are able to make peace with the idea of a c-section before baby is born, because I think things will be easier for you psychologically if you can. Give yourself some time to grieve the loss of the delivery that you had hoped for - it really is a bit of a mourning process, at least it was for me with my first child. I was glad that at least I had time to prepare for it emotionally. Sending hugs and best wishes.
    Me: 37 | DH: 38 | Married 9/2012, low AMH, high FSH
    First-ever BFP after IUI #4 (Follistim) - Baby Girl born (36w2d) 8/8/2014!
    TTC #2 since Feb 2015
    BFP 5/4/15
  • @marnief it gets more real every day! I don't want to lose my little nudger yet, but I'm so ready to hold my squishy! I've read that anything up to 3cm in the 3rd Tri is considered normal and not an indication of labor (or early labor) which blows my mind.

    @jeannaqueena I was not a secretive child and I must have told my mom the same day it happened. Of course she flipped and that lady didn't work there much longer after that... Though I don't remember that part!

    8 Years
    2 Miscarriages
    2 Ectopic Pregnancies
    1 Round of Clomid
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  • @andimegie325 I, had a similar experience in preschool at a "Christian" church. My dad had dropped me off and forgot my lunch. About 5 minutes later he returns, bag in hand, but I was already in the corner in a "time out". My dad asked what I had done and the staff had differing stories, so he asked me. Well, that day I went to work with dad and wound up at the best school ever where they had paint and scissors and cars to ride in. The point is, always check up on your kids unannounced. What it looks like on the surface isn't always what it actually is.

    Anyone else wake up feeling like they got run over? I'm exhausted, but very thankful it's Friday. I think I may have to move up mat leave if this keeps up. I was going to just work until I went into labor, but I have no financial incentive to do so and I'm covered for up to a month before delivery.

    BTW, I didn't know that state disability payments (I'm in CA) were non-taxable. This means 60% of my pay is actually a lot more of my take home pay than I realized. Also, any disability payments you get from policies that you pay the premiums on are also not taxable. Employer-paid policies are taxable and I do have a small portion from my employer that will be taxable (the employer subtracts what I get from the state from their payment and I get the remainder. But then, I'm in the higher tax brackets.
  • @Knottie4978096 - Cool beans!  Go Cali.  :)  And yes, yes to waking up more tired than when you went to sleep.

    Vent ahead, you've been warned...

    It's been an interesting few days in our house.  On Tuesday, DD1 got sent home from daycare because she had thrown up twice.  Called the pediatrician who said there's a 12-hour bug going around, just try to keep her hydrated, etc.  And when I asked how I could prevent myself from getting it, the ped said, "Wash your hands A LOT."  While DD1 was home with me, she threw up 4 more times in 5 hours.  Got her (and the floor, and the changing table, etc.) all cleaned up and got her to bed and started my 3rd load of laundry for the day.

    Wednesday I kept her home just to make sure she got long enough naps, since she sleeps less at daycare than at home.  She was fine all day.  Thursday DH woke up at 3 a.m. feeling dizzy...and at 7 it was clear he'd been hit with DD1's bug.  He stayed home from work and had a miserable day; DD1 went back to daycare (she's usually there MTW but since we skipped W she got to go on Th) and was fine.  By the end of the day, DH was feeling a bit better after sleeping 6 or 7 hours.  Went to sleep around 10.45.  At 11.30, I wake up to the sound of DD1 fussing.  Look at the monitor, she's sitting up in her crib in the corner, which is unusual.  I go in and she has puked all over everywhere in the crib.  OMG it was all over her, and her sleep sack, and her lovey, and her paci, and in her hair. So I got her all cleaned up.  Tried to "wash" her hair with a few baby wipes, which she did NOT like - which woke up hubby, who wandered in and tried to help but said he wasn't feeling great either.  Remade her bed, grabbed a clean lovey from the closet, got her in clean pajamas and sleep sack with a clean paci, hummed her a lullaby, put her down.  Sent hubby back to bed.  Started yet another load of laundry.  Then looked at my belly and said, "Whatever you do, do NOT go into labor tonight.  I just can't deal."  So instead Yoda punched/kicked me super-hard in the abdomen and wouldn't move away from that spot.  But she didn't send me into labor, so I still call it a good parenting moment.  ;)  Today both DH and DD1 seem to be fine, and I still have not gotten the bug.  My hands are all chapped and dry from all the handwashing I've been doing, though - my Dad (a retired doc) said I had to do "scrub-in" washing, for a full 20-30 seconds, fronts and backs of both hands and between all the fingers.  I remember that from when DD1 spent her first 48 hours in the NICU.  Apparently it works.

    SO...morals of my tale of woe:  get multiple loveys.  Also, get these because they are awesome.  I put 3 of them side-by-side under the crib sheet (above the mattress cover - mattress itself is waterproof, but the mattress cover is not because the ones that are tend to be crinkly and loud) and they absorb everything and keep the mattress cover clean and dry.  So all I had to do was toss the old ones, put down 3 new ones, and put on a new crib sheet.  These pads are also great as disposable changing pads.

    Thanks for letting me vent.  I am sort of amused that the only person in the house who hasn't thrown up is the pregnant lady.  (Knock on wood!)  And I am SO. Flipping. Tired.  And so glad to still be pregnant because I seriously could not have handled going into labor last night!
    Me: 37 | DH: 38 | Married 9/2012, low AMH, high FSH
    First-ever BFP after IUI #4 (Follistim) - Baby Girl born (36w2d) 8/8/2014!
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  • @marnief oh sick family is the worst! My sister gave me the tip to put 3 crib sheets on the mattress separated by the waterproof pad (either disposable or reusable). This way, rip soiled sheet and pad off bed and you're not re-sheeting a mattress in the middle of the night (plus, I was told they often puke more than once per night). After getting chronic bronchitis I'm paranoid about getting sick. It was awful. Stay well and don't work too hard. 

    As as for laundry, my 18 year old Kenmore set just isn't getting the clothes clean. DH finally took the gift certs I've been saving up and bought a new set. I'm really looking forward to clean clothes and not being able to hear the washer down the street. Since it uses about half the water (and we're on water restrictions), I'm hoping this means I can tack on a few minutes to my shower. Oh the simple things.
  • @Knottie4978096 - I've read that about layering crib sheets with waterproof pads - love the idea. Doesn't quite work for us because we use the QuickZip sheets (which makes changing the sheets really easy). But I think I my try that trick for Yoda who will be sleeping in the pack n play. :)
    Me: 37 | DH: 38 | Married 9/2012, low AMH, high FSH
    First-ever BFP after IUI #4 (Follistim) - Baby Girl born (36w2d) 8/8/2014!
    TTC #2 since Feb 2015
    BFP 5/4/15
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