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Decreased appetite

LO will be 11 weeks tomorrow. And for a while she was eating 4oz every 2 hours durong the day and every 4-5hours at might. The last week shes been so much more fussy but will only eat 2oz every 2 hours. She still has plenty wet diapers, dirty diapers are like 1 every 24-36hours. Anyone elses LO decrease food?

Re: Decreased appetite

  • Yes, my LO turned 10 weeks a few days ago and she was also drinking less /turning away from the bottle/ restless while eating and so she wouldn't finish the whole bottle. It was strange because I thought she would be eating more now.
    Sometimes she still gulps it down but is usually restless while drinking and turns away while feeding during the day. I've tried changing the nipple size or spacing out her feeds more. She was drinking 3 ounces every 3 hours but now I wait for her to be really hungry and usually cries for milk and then I feed her with no trouble. It's usually 3.5 ounces every 3-4 hours now. Strange but hoping it's just a phase
  • Maybe ill try that. Im always afraid shes not getting enough. But i guess shell let me kjow. We bottle feed so i know exactly how much shes getting. I also just haaate wasting formula. Shes on the similac spit up which os super expensive. So i hate trashing the leftovers lol
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