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TWW post (week of 12/14 - 12/20)

Hi everyone! This is a two week wait post for anyone who is in or soon will be in the TWW. Tell us your symptoms (no matter how crazy they may be!), how many DPO you are, and when/if you'll test. Good luck everyone!

(posting early so I don't forget before I leave for work at the crack of dawn tomorrow morning!).
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Re: TWW post (week of 12/14 - 12/20)

  • I'm 8 dpo (CD 22). I probably won't test until Friday (or at least that's the plan). Just normal luteal phase stuff for me right skin is breaking out terribly, and my boobs are sore.
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  • 4 DPO, started the progesterone last night. Will probably test next Wednesday. Im thinking we had really good timing this month so Im really hopeful. No symptoms yet however.
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    I'm CD 19 and around 7dpo give or take a day.  I'll test on Christmas or the day after if AF doesn't show (it's due the 24th). My boobs are a little sore, but not nearly as bad as last cycle. I think taking Clomid made that whole cycle more intense. 
  • @PattersRN and @BernieRae - same here with the boobs - worse than ever! 
    @rspalding001 - FXed!  Good work with Great timing! we cannot get it together with timing.

    FF says I'm CD21 10dpo but I don't believe her.  I think I actually O'd CD14 which would have been great timing. 
    If FF is right, we missed the boat.  Only BDing CD5 and CD13.
    My boobs have been super sore since CD13 and I have had crazy fluid retention and bloating, along with horrible skin breakouts.  I'm sure it could have something to do with drinking more and eating terribly at all the holiday parties, etc. 

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  • I'm 9dpo (cd26) after a late o. Our timing was pretty good, but i'm not optimistic since the only symptom I have is crazy sore boobs (like everyone else), but I've had that every cycle after o since my mc. The good news is I haven't started spotting yet which usually happens around this time. I'll test on Saturday if I don't start spotting or get af before then.

    Fx for everyone in the tww!
  • Officially in the TWW now. It's going to be a long wait, once again, but I feel oddly hopeful. My body has been behaving in a textbook manner leading up to O. Now I hope it knows exactly what to do from here in order to give me a new year's BFP. So grateful that there will be lots of distractions between now and then. Here's hoping @mamafesto has kicked off another BFP streak for us!
  • I suppose I am officially in the TWW as well at 3DPO, I will have AF or BFP by NYE. No SS yet but I am convinced this is not my month for some reason, every month before this I was hopeful and was proven woefully wrong so I really just don't believe it will happen. We are going to mexico on the 3rd of january so if it is BFN at least I'll be able to enjoy some margaritas in Mexico. I'm looking forward to the new year either way, and this upcoming chinese year is the year of the monkey which is my sign. I am hoping that 2016 is a good year, whether that means a baby or just time with my furbaby and working on some new creative projects. I am committed to moving forward with grace and ease.
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