Cloth Diapering

How to choose which type to go with? Or is a combo best?


I'm a FTM to be. I would like to try CDs. I have looked through the forums, and several websites and blogs. How to choose the right type of CD? I would like to go with what is easiest and don't care so much about price as it's obviously less expensive than disposables. Advice? Are AIOs the way to go?

What other accessories do you recommend? A sprayer for once baby is starting foods? Wet bag or pail liner? Any favorite brands for diapers and accessories? 

Any help is appreciated. 

Re: How to choose which type to go with? Or is a combo best?

  • I suggest playing with some at a store, and thinking of who will be using them and doing laundry. DH and our sitter need one piece that's easy to put on. I prestuff pockets for them. For myself at home, I fold and snappi flats, use pockets for the diaper bag.

    AIOs are great because there's no stuffing, but they take the longest to line dry, and elastics wear out if you always use the dryer. With pockets, the shells line dry very fast (in a couple hours) and you can use high heat on the inserts.

    If you're not sure-try everything. Resale is really good on gently used cloth diapers. I sold all my aios and fitteds recently and used the money to get more of my favourites.
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  • Thanks so much @Forevereverafter    For you are the only downsides to AIOs the line drying time?

    I will be mainly the one using them, and at home most of the time as I work from home and in general am a homebody. Also, planning to possibly use disposables when out of the house. 

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  • Ditto trying a few things. We got some hand me downs and bought a few used diapers, and that helped us figure out what we liked best. We use BioKleen Bac-Out to pretreat, and that has helped avoid smell and staining.
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  • So for newborn we use a mix of kawaii pockets and Imagine AIO. I do like the AIOs for ease and fit substantially better BUT that being said we have had a couple blowouts as sometimes output can be a bit too much which is why I really like the pockets because they're more 'customizable'. If she's cluster feeding I can use a larger insert or double up on 2 smallers. Her newborn stash is good up until around 13 lbs (DD at 6 1/2 weeks old is only pushing 8 lbs so we have plenty of time.) After that we have a substantial stash of Alva's, Kawaiis and Bum genius both AIOs and pockets.

    We also cloth wipe, because at the point of washing diapers, what's a little more and you can make your own or buy- we use bum genius ones.
  • I use a combination of pockets and prefolds with covers. Brands range from fuzzi buns to kawaiis, soft bums, happy endings and alvas.  We also now use fitteds with a cover at night since DS is a heavy wetter. The daycare and my husband love the pockets, they are very easy for anyone to use. I like prefolds because they are inexpensive and veryeasy to wash. We also use cloth wipes. I just bought a couple of packages of little baby wash cloths on amazon and use a mix of water, coconut oil and baby shampoo to  wet them. They smell great and leave LO's behind nice and smooth. You willI definitely need a pail, pail liner (i have two, one to replace the other while washing), and a good wet bag for when you are on the go. We also  have the spray pal and diaper spray which is a godsend since LO has started solids. 
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