Pregnant after a Loss

Anyone take Vitex with suspected low progesterone levels?

My doctor said I probably miscarried because my lining was so thin in my uterus and he suspects that my progesterone levels are low. So I've been taking Vitex for maybe 3-4 weeks now? and tomorrow or sometime in the next week or so I'll be getting my progesterone levels officially taken. Will the Vitex I've been taking affect my test results? I'm afraid that because I've been taking it that we won't know if I need to be on supplements or not or doing progesterone cream to help me in my next pregnancy.

If anyone has any input on this it'd be nice to hear your thoughts and experiences. Thank you!
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Re: Anyone take Vitex with suspected low progesterone levels?

  • jacobsone2jacobsone2 member
    edited December 2015
    I think it will affect your results, since you've been on it for weeks now. They should just keep you on the supplements. My dr said that it doesn't hurt anything. I am on prometrium right now. I had my levels checked with my loss and it was low, but it wasn't a normal pregnancy. So as soon as I got a positive pregnancy test I started the prometrium. I will stay on it until I'm 14 weeks just incase.
  • I've been taking it as well. Just in case. I lost my bean at 19 weeks but they figure she stopped growing at 16 or so. My levels were low a few months after the loss when I was really exhausted and other symptoms so they rested my hormones. I'm only 6 and a bit weeks now but i figure it can't hurt.
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