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Veteran moms of 2+ ... Does it get better? Easier?

DS is almost 3 and DD is 5 weeks and I'm not really enjoying life these days. I can't think of a time the past 5 weeks that I haven't been needed by one or both of them. When they both cry at the same time, I get really stressed out. Nap times, meal times and bed times are totally messed up. My house is a disaster. First world problems, I know, but I'm just burned out and wondering if things get better, if ever.

Veteran moms of 2+... Does it get better? Do things get easier?

Re: Veteran moms of 2+ ... Does it get better? Easier?

  • Yes and yes! My son was 2.5 when my daughter was born. It took me probably 3-4 months to figure out how to handle them at the same time. At that point my daughter was no longer as super needy. Her feedings were more spaced out, naps were better, my son was figuring out to occupy himself while I was feeding her, etc
  • Right there with ya!! I can't keep up with laundry, cleaning, making meals, and my 6 week old is so needy. Evenings are so hectic, making dinner hardly ever happens. My two year old eats a lot of chicken nuggets, scrambled eggs, and pbj sandwiches. She's either crying because I'm tending to DD2 or DD2 is crying because she's waiting for something but first I have to tend to her sister. It's never ending and I feel like my poor kids are always crying because I don't have enough hands. It's exhausting and I feel mediocre. I'm a mediocre mom, mediocre housekeeper, and a mediocre wife because seriously when is there time to have a conversation with my husband much less have physical contact? It sucks and I know that it will get easier becaue DD1 obviously got easier but right now it just...sucks.
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