July 2014 Moms

BOB Revolution SE vs. Bumbleride Indie

Hi Moms...wanted to get your thoughts on two strollers...BOB Revolution SE and Bumbleride Indie. I'm not a runner nor will I be one. That said, I'm looking for a stroller that handles dirt roads and grass well. I know the BOB is the best all terrain stroller but it's rather heavy and I'm on the smaller side (5'1 / 100lbs). I'm also looking to use this as our main stroller. I'm leaning towards the Bumbleride Indie because of its weight and looks (I know, shouldn't go there but I can't help it). Anyone has the Bumbleride and can share your experiences/thoughts? Or if you are all for the BOB, tell me why? Thanks so much for your feedback in advance.

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