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Zombie apocalypse

Fun thread idea .... What's everyone bringing? Where are you going?

Re: Zombie apocalypse

  • I would immediately grab my baby carrier for LO and a back pack of water but I think staying in my home to start would be the best idea.
  • ^^LOL yes! I have said before, I have no plans of surviving a zombie apocalypse. I suck at gardening. I'll never make it.
  • ^^^ this 100% This is an awesome thread indeed
  • I would really want a few family photos with me because I just about lost it when Carl wanted that picture from the bar....
  • All good ideas. My vet says to grab the high quality dog food. High calorie, nutrient rich. DS is partial to blue buffalo wilderness formula.

    Blades, not guns. And we're all traveling by bike. You can hike long distance with toddlers in backpacks but you can't fight nimbly. You have to be able to outrun the zombies if you have an LO in tow. Otherwise its better to stay put. We will probably need alliances so someone can go for food and supplies and someone can stay with the babies.
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  • Yes, my house here isn't as nearly as easily defensible as my apartment was in NY, but with more than just me it wouldn't be so bad. Honestly, with some work I could close off many entrance weaknesses on my own, but I'd still be vulnerable to determined non-zombie invaders. So more people would help.
    People are welcome to come, tho I gotta warn you... Winters are HELLA cold, and without a working power grid, it'll be quite uncomfortable without the heater. We should be sheltered from the worst of the cold inside, but it will still be pretty damned cold inside with no heat.
    I don't have 'formal' skills, but I worked as a vet tech and could draw blood and place iv catheters in cats (which my boss at the time said their veins are similar to a human baby's), and I enjoy being outside in the sun, I'd work hard to learn how to farm. Also... I've played many a first person shooter - I've got good hand eye coordination and am quick at processing visual information.

    Gamers WILL save the world one day, and when they do I'll raise my Xbox controller in salute
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    Sammy K7425caitaddingonMommaswizz
  • Okay @mellymar I'm in. I think I'm only a 1/2 days drive away. I'll load my bikes and knives and come your way.
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  • @Sammy K electronic assist. I'll have to steal a solar charger. And DH is a poorfessional, he can drag all the babies.

    I can make peppermint patties and almond toffee. And maple syrup. Not beer. @virginiaunicorn11 We need your family.

    I can also do the night watch. Ain't nobody sleeping in this house anyway.
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  • HoosOnFirstHoosOnFirst
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    God I can't think of a discernible skill I have that would warrant me being let onto the island. Except my husband, who is super duper handy.

    Ps having an LO, I now watch TWD and see exactly how ridiculous it is that Judith is alive. There isn't enough formula in the world remaining to have gotten her to the year mark! And the crying, dear lord. Zombie alarm.
  • Solar panels. My DH will know where to get some and is really familiar with them. They might be below the canal, but we would have to send out foraging parties anyways
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  • My DH is super handy & very smart.
    He can make/fix anything. Get our fires started and build us pretty much anything. We are that family with a lot of firearms as well.

    I am terrible. I could kill the zombies if I had to but I'll need training. I can trapshoot (blue rock shoot) so id like to think I could shoot at a closer range but I've never fired a handgun. I do know how to load one..... But that's it.
    We watch the walking dead religiously and go over these scenarios a lot! I'm glad to see we are not the only weirdos who do this.

    We live only like a mile from the countryside so we can def go to DH parents underground tornado shelter if need be?!
    It does sound more fun to meet up j15 mom style at mellys island ;)
    If I'm going to die there had better be humor involved first........ And wine.
  • I heard this advertised on the radio today - a zombie survival bike! @henrytviii

  • DH and I are huge Walking Dead fans and both agree that should an apocalypse of any sort occur, the biggest threat would be other people. I can't shoot (scared of guns), have zero cardiovascular endurance, weak ankles, and I don't think I'd be able to kill anything for food. So basically I'd probably barricade my door and wait to die. Or maybe adrenaline would kick in and I'd turn into the Tomb Raider or something. Fingers crossed.
  • I'm concerned about my Zyrtec supply. One day without the stuff and I break out in hives. So I'm gonna raid the nearest drug store for that and antibiotics because I feel like that will be handy. I can't survive without Zyrtec. But my husband says I'll be the first to die because I require too much water. I'm thirsty all the time.
  • I'm with @cait7425 on the nurturing. DH works for the power company, so maybe he could rig up electricity. My grandparents farmed when I was little, so I do have some gardening knowledge. I have a gun, I'm not great with it, but I like to think I could protect myself. DH says I won't survive. Maybe I'll just take LO and join ya'll so he can go fight zombies.
  • DH is way to prepared for this. He has army backpacks filled with everything from shovels that fold up (and of coarse they are serrated on one side) to knives with forks attached, food, guns, ammo, toiletries, wood for fires, portable cots, water, vests with multiple pockets (also filled with survival gear) and an escape plan.

    Our plan is to stay put since we live on a farm and can survive off of it for a while. Then when things calm down head to a friend's farm that's more wooded and again way to prepared for this. He has his own water and gas. He also has industrial genterators and what I call the dungeon because its pretty much a home under ground. ...DH is confident we will survive.

    This is our zombie/government takeover/terrorist attack/natural disaster that wipes out modern technology plan. He's also made the kids do trial runs to insure we can secure the farm. He has prepared the boys their entire lives to be ready for disaster. D day ready right here.
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