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Plus size moms!

I am currently about a size 24/26. I'm wondering if anyone that size uses a baby carrier and what one? I don't know what will fit me... I like the idea of a wrap... But i hate getting things and then realizing it's too small even if I can return it..

Re: Plus size moms!

  • I am a size 18 and I LOVE our Ergo soooo much.  The belt does have extra length when I tighten it so it may work and I have heard they sell extensions.  I tried the wrap but felt I couldn't get it tight enough and felt like my little man was going to fall out!  I was extremely hesitant to try a carrier but ended up getting one when our guy wouldn't let us put him down and it's definitely the best purchase I have made.  Here's a picture of me wearing lo to our towns tree lighting ceremony last friday.  Another plus, it keeps you and the baby extra warm!
  • Try Baby k'tan. I am size 16/18 and wear a medium, so the XL would likely work.
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  • I'm a 20/22 and can use the baby bjorn. However I'm more comfortable with a sling because I feel like I'm smothering baby in my boobs.
  • I'm a size 20, and I got the all season lillebaby. It fits me great but they do offer belt extentions.
  • I second the baby ktan and ergo. I am also a size 16, like the PP and have a medium, so the xl might be perfect. I used the ktan until my DS fit well into the ergo after 4 months.
  • I just bought a Beco Gemini off Honest Co because they're having 40% right now. I'm praying it fits!
  • Like others said, try the Baby K'tan. I love mine and it comes in several sizes.
  • I am probably the same size as you. Look at tulas. It fits me very well and I have a couple inches left in the waist belt. Super comfortable
  • I'm probably a 20/22 right now and loooooove my Sakura Bloom sling. It comes in one size and I was nervous about it fitting, but it's great and I have a nice amount of tail left too!
  • In my area there is a chapter of Baby Wearing International. Check and see if there is one in your area. You can join for 30$ a year and try out all their carriers. They also have people who will help you put them on correctly. The one in my area has wraps, ring slings, Mai tei's and soft structures carriers. There are tons of plus sized mamas in the group.

    Here's a list of their chapters.
  • I'm a size 16 and I have a size large ktan but it always felt too tight for me, maybe my boobs are too big but since you can't adjust it I never used it. The boba was much better for me because it's adjustable and therefore more comfortable. I have a Tula that have not yet tried with baby but alone it feels good
  • I have a boba wrap and am a size 20. I can wear that with plenty of left over material. My hubby is a big guy and he can even wear it. :)
  • Just want to let you know I got my Beco Gemini from Honest today and I love it! It fits me perfectly and is super comfy. I'm a size 22/24, I think if you're bigger than this it won't fit. I have big hips and a tiny waist. I tried it on with my 6 week old (around my waist) and my toddler (around round my hips) and it just fits, I maybe have an extra inch. Also, today is the last day to get 40% off! Hope this helps!
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