Removing surgical glue?

I had to have an emergency c-section on the 20th, because my little guy was face presentation. The surgery went great with no complications. I have dissolvable stitches and surgical glue on the incision. At my one week follow up the doctor said everything looked good and that in a week or so I could start working off the surgical glue. I'm so nervous about taking it off, worrying about the incision coming open, or not being closed all of the way.
Did anyone else have surgical glue? When did you decide to remove yours?

Re: Removing surgical glue?

  • I let mine come off on its own. There was no way I was picking at it. If it was loose, off it came. All in all it was worked off by 6 week appt. Prolly before that, but I remember it being gone by then. Mostly it came off in the shower. I have an irrational fear of all my guts falling out if I pick at it or anything (still, 2 years past c section #1 and 1 year past #2...) silly but true. That's just my experience though.
  • Also to add I missed the memo it was supposed to come off...DH told me they told me but Idr it at all...and I panicked and tried to stick it back on! Mine just came off when it was ready, nbd at all
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  • I didn't have glue, just tape/strips covering my incision. I just wanted to say I am glad I am not alone in the irrational fear of my guts falling out :)
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  • @jessiedee13 I did the same thing!
  • My experience 12 years ago felt like my guts were falling out. ( They didn't) They put staples in and removed them before I left hospital and put the tape. A couple days after I got home I woke up in the middle of the night and the front of my gown was bloody. My mom flipped out. We called my Dr and he asked my mom a bunch of questions. We ended up meeting him early at the office and basically I had an infection. So I had to go in for a few days and have it packed and cleaned till it healed.. Im praying this time around it will be much different.
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  • eivaskaeivaska member
    It will come off over time with showers. I wouldn't do anything special. 

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