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June 2015 Moms

Babies favorite color?

How do you know what baby's favorite color is?

Or which color they prefer?!

Re: Babies favorite color?

  • klkonwi said:

    Baby owns that favorite color right?! Bah. I've admitted my grammar is AWFUL on this site!

    I'm teasing you. You got it wrong once (in the thread title) and right once (in the content of the thread).

    If you were submitting a professional paper for work or school, I'd judge you for your grammar. :o BUT, since this is a fun site that most of us use while half asleep, everyone gets a pass from me. :)

  • I ❤ purple so I hope LO does too!!!
  • I think lo's favorite color is blue! At least that's the key she always chews on!
  • ^^^^ people say the weirdest things to you !!!!
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