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This stupid SCH is growing

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I had my ultrasound today. Baby is right on track with a good heartbeat. sch looked bigger. It's never been measured, the er dr just said I was small. At my last appt my dr didn't mention it, but I saw it on the screen. Today I saw it and mentioned it to her. She didn't seem too concerned, but it was definitely a little bigger. It really worries me. I am so excited that everything is on track, but this blood clot is just ruining it. For those of you that have had a sch, did it ever grow before going away???

Re: This stupid SCH is growing

  • jacobsone2jacobsone2 member
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    Also, what color was your hematoma? Mine was gray 2 weeks ago and yesterday it was black. When I was in ultrasound school, we learned that black areas are new bleeds and gray is old blood. So if I go by that, mine was solid and now it's liquid again? But I have read a few things that say it has to go through liquefication before it can be reabsorbed by your body. Im confused because it's kind of backwards from what I learned. What was the echogenicity of your hematoma? Any info would be helpful! Thanks
  • Sorry, no advice. I haven't gone through this. I just wanted to say I'm sorry you're dealing with it on top of the normal pgal worries. I hope it goes away soon!
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  • Thank you! I'm hoping it goes away. I feel angry this thing is hanging around threatening my baby. I googled today ( I know I shouldn't) and scared the crap out of myself.
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    Hi there. I've got mixed experiences. 2 pregnancies went on to be successful, they are 2 1/2 and 1 now. Unfortunately this 3rd one with hematoma is ending. This one was huge though - 5cm and grew very quickly to 7.5 cm (about 5x bigger than the baby).
    If it is small I would say your chances are very very good that it will go away or won't impact baby. My first hematoma pregnancy it was small (was never told an exact size) I bled for a few weeks and it went away. 2nd time it actually formed later in pregnancy which is usually more concerning, didn't go away but also didn't hurt him.
    Edited to fix: Try to take it easy and not be too worried. How far along are you?
  • jacobsone2jacobsone2 member
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    By lmp I'm 8w3d, 9w by u/s. I'm terrified that it's going to grow or not go away. So far Ive only had a little bleeding and it was very light.
  • It could be different ultrasound machines and different techs. Unless it's a huge difference, I wouldn't assume that it's actually growing. You had a bleed, right? That's usually how they go away, but they do take their sweet time. I got another one when I had my baby in September and its still in there!
  • I think this might be what I have... I'm going to ask my dr about it Tuesday. Thanks for posting this information. T&P for a healthy 9mo!
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    Sorry, I never saw the color question and I don't have an answer for that, but I do know that they do liquify in order to reabsorb! I still have one in my vagina from delivery and, even by feeling it, it took weeks for my doctor to feel a change. They take a long, long time, but they do reabsorb.
  • I had an ultrasound 2 days ago and it looked like it was going away a little. My doctor Said she wasn't worried because it's way smaller than the baby. So that made me feel a lot better about it.
  • @jacobsone2 thats good to hear! Hope you have enugh to relief to enjoy the holidays! Good luck to you.
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