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Stomach problem - possible TMI

Is anyone else having minor stomach issues postpartum? Sometimes when I eat my stomach hurts for an hour or two afterward and I have diarrhea. I feel fine overall. No fever, no vomiting, and this isn't something that happens all the time. I'm just not sure what could be causing it - possibly my body readjusting to normal? I am 8 weeks postpartum today, and I'm wondering if I have a touch of some sort of bug but am also wondering if it could be a postpartum symptom. In between meals, once the stomachache and diarrhea pass from the previous meal, I feel totally fine. I have heard if you were given antibiotics during labor, which I was, it causes your digestive tract a lot of distress and can take a while for it to regulate itself again. Any input or personal experiences you all can share would be appreciated!

Re: Stomach problem - possible TMI

  • Are you having normal stools too? Or only diarrhea?
  • Some normal, some diarrhea
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  • It could be that you're lacking the good bacteria in your intestines and have too much of the bad bacteria... Have you tried having probiotic yogurt for a couple days and seeing if that helps? Or probiotic supplements?
  • You're not alone, first off. I feel like I'm going to be sick whenever I eat anything at all. But I've been trying to stick to simple foods. It sucks because that's not the kind of food in like, but it definitely has helped. There's a lot of changes to our bodies not that we're postpartum, I know even the kind of migraines I get has changed, it's no surprise what we can stomach has changed too... for a while, at least. Seltzer water is a blessing, though. Even if it does give you 1st trimester flash backs.
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