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Pumping Output

To all the other moms pumping at work -- my output has had a pretty steep decrease this month (9 month old). Any suggestions? 

Did any of you start incorporating formula? Cows milk? Etc. -- he has never had formula so I am curious how to choose one as well.

Also, at daycare, when you plan to stop pumping and weaning (I am trying to make it to the year mark)-- what will you send to your daycare provider? formula? cows milk? exclusively solids? 

I am a new mom so any experienced mommies please advise :)

Thanks! Happy Holidays!

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Re: Pumping Output

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    No cows milk til after 1 year birthday.

    You'll need to use formula if he isn't full on solids, including meat, and for supplementing.

    Our daycares always provided all food except for formula.
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    I'm experiencing a bit of a decrease at the 9 mo mark too. Pumping about 3 oz less during the workday than I used to and 1-2 oz less at my pump before bed. I'm wondering if it's due to him sleeping through the night now (used to nurse at least 2x in night) so maybe my supply and demand is decreasing...but pediatrician said only to pump in the night if I'm engorged, which I'm not.
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  • I'm in the same situation as you. Unfortunately no advice. My daughter is 10 months today. I was pumping at 9, 12:30, 3 at work and 9pm at home. I decided at 9 months to stop the 9pm session. I was exhausted and barely getting an ounce. After cutting that out I noticed a major decrease in all sessions. I hadn't had to suppliment until shortly after 9 months. I started drinking mothers milk tea twice a day and just got Honest Co. lactation suppliments. So we'll see if it makes a difference. I'm sure I'm not drinking enough water but I already feel like I'm drowning sometimes. My goal was to make it to a year and I'll be damn if I quit now.
  • ^^ Like previous poster said, drinking lots of water is a good tip and there are lots of supplements for increasing supply - check out the breastfeeding board.

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  • I've read babies intake less Breastmilk at 9-12 months because food is digested better and makes them feel more full. Some breastfed babies start only wanting to drink from mom at 9 months.
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