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Pregnant, Vegan, A Million Questions

Hi! I'm 10w4d pregnant currently and switched to a vegan diet because of morning sickness and it has me feeling so much better so I think I'll stick to it. I've eaten plant-based before so I know kind of how to do this thing, but I was wondering if any other pregnant, nursing or current moms are vegan and have any advice or resources you might be willing to share? Aside from googling "vegan and pregnant" and reading the one Vegetarian Pregnancy book I could find, I'm kind of at a loss and have lots of questions.

Were you able to find a provider who supported your vegan lifestyle?
Did you worry about protein recommendations, or like many vegans feel that protein deficiency is almost nonexistent in the US (with the exception of eating disorders and the extremely ill) and a non-concern?
Did you have difficulty gaining weight and if so what did you eat that was most helpful to put weight on?
Were there any nutrients you felt needed to be supplemented other than the usual B12?
Did you take a prenatal and if so for how long?
Did you do any juicing (juicing fresh fruits/veg at home for additional vitamins and minerals)?
Did you limit soy? Roll your eyes at people suggesting to limit soy?
Anyone do raw, mostly raw, 80/10/10, raw till 4 or any other variation of high raw intake?
Any websites or blogs you followed or additional communities you found supportive?
Is there anything I'm not thinking of that I should be aware of as a pregnant vegan? Any other advice?

Thank you so much in advance! I know this is a lot and I really appreciate anyone who takes the time to offer advice or support!

Re: Pregnant, Vegan, A Million Questions

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    mom2adoodlemom2adoodle member
    edited December 2015
    Hi, I'm not pregnant but I do eat a vegan diet. I am part of this Facebook group that has tons of great information. Perhaps you can find some answers there. I'm hesitant to give my two cents since I'm not yet pregnant. Good luck and congrats :) 

    Vegan Pregnancy & Parenting is the name of the group. I tried to link but TB didn't allow it. Sorry!

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