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Mamas with 2 or more kids.....

Just curious.....did you go into labor around the same time of day for all your kids?

Re: Mamas with 2 or more kids.....

  • Nope.  I went into labor at different times with the oldest 3, but, oddly enough, I went into labor with each of them at 39+4.

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  • Nope. Different times of day and different days. 38+6 at 8:30 am, 34+2 at 7, had labor stopped (terbutaline) and induced at 40, and 39+4 at 3:00am.
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  • No.

    First - No signs of labour, except some back pain. I went to bed and my water broke at midnight when I rolled over. I was 40+1. 
    Second - I woke up to back pain at 2am. Active labour at 9am. I was 37+3.

  • Love this thread! This is my 2nd and I was just wondering what others had experienced.
  • This is my second baby also.

    First one , water broke at 37+5.

    We will see how this one comes.
  • Well my first was 42 weeks and I had to be induced, please god no. Second was a c section. I'm trying for a VBAC with this one so we will see how it goes.

  • This is my second also, but with the first my water broke at 9:00PM at 38+6 and was born the next day at 6:00PM, one week early. This time around I'm having some preterm labor, so we'll see what happens.
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  • Thanks for the responses! I hope I get more because this is really interesting. I started getting back pain at 40+1 around 10pm and delivered the following morning at 10am. I back labored so I am really hoping that I don't go through that again!
  • My first was 11 days early I woke up to pee and my water broke. He was here by dinner
    My second I was 39 weeks and he came at 2am.
    My third I was having intense contractions without a pattern for two days once I hit 39 weeks my dr let me come in and she broke my water.
    This is number 4 so we shall see:)
    I enjoy reading theses too!
  • 1st - early labor for a long time, about 12 hours? The tough stuff started in the am of 40+5. Baby born that afternoon.

    2nd -huge horrible long contractions woke me up at 3 am on 40+4. Rushed to hospital but labor stopped on the way so we were checked and went home. Stopped for about 5 hours, then started again, had the baby that afternoon.

    Both similar in how they went from transition point - fast. And both born in under 10 mins once we hit ten. Hoping for similar this time!
  • With my first, I woke up around 4 am at 39 weeks 2 days and my water was seeping. I went to the hospital and they confirmed it was water and not discharge. Never had contractions until they broke my water all the way at the hospital. She was born at 5:30 pm.

    With my second, I woke up around 2-3 am and had bloody show. The regular contractions started soon after and increased in time and intensity. I went to the hospital around 6:30 am and he was born around 10:30 am. I was 39 weeks 5 days.
  • With my first I was in labour a total of 14 1/4 hours, with my second I was only in labour maybe a total of 5 hours. First baby born at 3:27pm and second born at 11:15am.
  • lwebley said:

    Love this thread! This is my 2nd and I was just wondering what others had experienced.

    Forgot to say I was 37w 1d, intense contractions started at 4am. He was delivered at 10am.

  • Nope - but all 3 were induced.

    1st - 41+4 induction started 8pm, contractions started 10pm - baby born 4:28am

    2nd - water broke at 39 weeks but no contractions so 24 hours later induction started 9am, contractions started 10am - baby born 2:38pm

    3rd - 41+4 induction started at 5:00pm (after waiting in hospital all day) - contractions started 5:15pm - baby born 11:19pm

    So all different but quicker induction process each time. 3rd baby took longer than 2nd to appear but 7&1/2 year age gap between 2nd & 3rd and they say your body resets! Plus I got in the pool too soon so labour slowed down a bit!
  • Nope.
    With my oldest, i was 37w 2d and my water broke at 1:00 am, had her at 5:35 pm.
    My second, was 37w 1d and my water broke at 9:30 pm, had her at 3:33 am.
    So i guess I have a thing for it being at night/early morning. :)
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